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Lazers phew phew


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So me and Zeno have been been working on self Lazing, buddy lazing an AI JTAC Lazing.


So far been using Harrier AV8B mainly.

With 3 weapons:

Laser Mavs (E 3rd party laser E2/L self and 3rd party laser)

APKWS Rockets Laser rockets (these are good fun and easy to use as you  pritty much fire them in the direction dont require you to lock on or any thing)

GBU Laser bombs


3 methods of targeting:

Targeting POD and self lazing,

Fire weapons in correct direction and they auto guide to 3rd party laser (APKWS and GBU only) 

Use LST sensor on Harrier to lock on 3rd party laser 


For the 3rd party laser sources had sucess using:

Another Harrier using targeting pod. works well but differcult to maintain an orbit and maintain target look with out obsuring.

Human controled ground vehicle, works very well had some issuse with laser hiting the fence at the air feild we are testing at.

AI vehicle JATAC. is very tempermental in getting it to use the laser will some times just spot the target. i have a feeling it might be to do with the fence blocking the laser so it thinks it cant use it.

AI reaper drone JATAC. was a bit hit and miss at first having tried it localy but played around and when puting the drone at a 25k feet it was working well. but when had it at lower Alts wasnt all ways useing the laser. making me think if it desided it cant maintain using the laser it wount use it.


currently trying to get differnt aircraft types to carry out the lasing. 




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I've added a Reaper over the delta, so we will be able to test that as well. I was concerned that the Tunguska would shoot it down, but it survived at 15,000 feet. I have increased the cloud base to 18,000 feet and tried a trick to remove the wreckage of vehicles we destroy, but this need to be tested.

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Yesterday we managed to get all forms of Lasing to work, including:


Humvee (AI and human) lasing for Harrier

Reaper lasing for Harrier

Harrier for another Harrier

F18 for a Harrier


This worked for AGM 65E and L(E2), GBUs and APKWS Hydras.


It works fine attacking a building since they are big and once they are hit the damage model is distinctly different from the intact building. The problem with armour, especially AA missile vehicles, is you have to standoff a long way, so even with zoom the targets are small white or black blobs on the MFD. Worse is the issue with destroyed vehicles, in the MFD they are indistinguishable from intact vehicles. But I imagine a better eye and a lot of practice will improve the ability to distinguish targets. I can't do anything about the former but may be able to improve the latter.


The other problem is flying the lasing aircraft. I flew a stripped F18 with all pylons removed and only a TPod, I tried to hold an orbit using BALT  (Altitude hold) and ATTH (Attitude hold), but in this case they failed to hold, so I ran a race track pattern, this only allows the shooter one target per leg and good coordination between the lasing plane and the shooter.


Since flying helicopters I have come to appreciate the advantages of being in a hover and picking targets off. I am hoping when the Apache comes out we will be able to use it to lase for other aircraft. The Kiowa may be able to do this as well. The advantage of targeting without firing and letting bomb trucks come in to destroy targets is obvious. 



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