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Pictures taken during a couple of missions over the last few days with Custard, Luggs, Halli, Steel and Gunther.




Loading the Ursa Rover onto Luggs Carrack




Trying, and failing to load the Spartan (we are going to need a bigger boat!)




Collecting Gunther and Steel for a Bunker combat mission in the MSR. 




Me and Custard preping for another Bunker mission. 


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The new 3.16 Patch has fixed a number of missionbugs. One of the most irritaing was NPC's not spawing in the Defend bunker mission - meaining it couldnt be completed and therfore you couldnt rank up your standing with that Organisation (better rank gives acccess to higher tier missions)


So with 3.16 fixing this issue the intrepid Sparta strike team of Cent, Custard and Old man Grumps (aka Luggage) set off to complete a number of them in quick succession. Earning dolla and appropriatiing loot.




The Pisces, a small short range (jump capable) shuttle.




Custard at the controls.




Strike team arrives at the Bunker complex




This shot was taken 15 seconds before Custard once again shot a Friendly, Lost us the mission and wound up in Prison for the 14th time. A quite remarkable feat. 

This is also resulted in the tower defece turret destroying Custards Pisces, stranding us on the Planet!! lol


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