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Equipment Carried On Character


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The inventory system introduced in patch 3.15 has put all of the items you carry on your character at risk.

Unless you need an item to complete a mission don't carry it, if you are on a delivery mission, a trade run or even just shopping all you need is a flight suit and helmet. Maybe carry a medpen for when you inevitably fall down a flight of stairs 

If on a mission that will involve fighting I would advise the following.

Undersuit - any that provides a minimum of 10% damage protection (this may currently be every undersuit)
Heavy armour - Helmet, arms, core and legs
Large backpack if you intend to loot items and wish to carry 3 weapons on your back, otherwise you are limited to 2
ParaMed Medical Device
ParaMed Refill x 2
MedPen (Hemozal)
Pyro RYT Multi-Tool
TruHold Tractor Beam Attachment
Primary weapon with iron sights and ammo
Primary weapon with magnifying scope and ammo (I take two of the same primary weapons one scoped one not)

The only items above that have to be paid for (ingame) are medical equipment and ammo everything else we can loot 



link to same post on Spectrum

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You have an inventory store at every space station and the main cities, items in these locations cannot be lost.


Each planet city and the space station above it share the same inventory.


Inventory on your character is at risk.


Inventory on every ship or vehicle is at risk.


I store things I do not want to lose at the Everest Harbour/Lorville location as that is where we have been starting missions, I am going to start filling the inventory location Port Tressler/New Babbage as Cent wants to make this our secondary area of operations.

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Edited first post, added MedPen (Hemozal) to advised carry list as it's much quicker to use than the Paramed Medical Device

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