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Taxi them to our current area of operations and help set there default spawn location - Currently Everest Harbour space station above Lorville 


Getting them mobile in their own ship.


Above link is for an up to date post with a link to a downloadable printable default keyboard, mouse and gamepad layout


  1. Take off from Hangers and Landing pads
  2. Landing on Hangers and Landing Pads
  3. Navigation using the Skyline tool in the mobiglass
  4. Use of the QT (Quantum Drive) drive
  5. Use of the mission tab - taking and sharing Delivery missions
  6. Delivery missions - package collection and delivery
  7. Shopping - they will want to spend their aUEC show them where to purchase items and how (even though we can take them on a FPS mission to get armour and weapons for free)


The mobile phone app Star Citizen Travel Helper will help to find shop locations in the verse, link below




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