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Sink the Tirpitz!


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There are mods of various WWII naval assets available for DCS, including some of the biggest battleships ever built.


I downloaded the Tirpitz and built a mission using it as a target for modern aircraft, including the A10, A29, F18 and F16. I strafed it with 30mm ap rounds from the A10, launched GPS bombs and Harpoons from the F18, and high drag bombs from everything except the A29, which took forever to get to the target only to be shot down prior to launch of any weapons.


The Tirpitz is the sister ship to the better known Bismark, as I understand it, both were the heaviest European battleships of WW2, but the Tirpitz was 2000 tonnes heavier than the Bismark. The Tirpitz did use its anti air weapons and was able to shoot down anything that wasn't moving high or fast. It could even shoot down Harpoon anti ship missiles.


It takes about 9 Harpoons to sink the Tirpitz, strafing with the A10s 30mm cannon is entertaining but dangerous for the A10, as you might imagine. Using dumb bombs does not result in enough hits per sortie. I will try 4 2000lb laser guided bombs next, but I have to relearn how to use the Tpod. I might try HARMs as well to see if the radar can be knocked out.


The Tirpitz is a good ship to practice on as it is big, very tough to kill and can defend itself to some extent. Trying to do the same to the Kirov class battle cruiser is all but impossible as it shoots everything down.









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