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Beyond Visual Range (BVR) Air to Air engagements

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Adder and I have been training to improve our BVR technique using the F18, F15 and the F22 mod. I am also using the F16 as well.


So far we have practiced on big IL76 transport planes and armed Mig 29s. We have an AWACS and the F18 and F16 have datalink. I am barely 1 for 1 against the Mig 29s, Adder is much better.


We use the IL76 to get the longest range lock but they are very robust, 4 engine jets. Even when they have lost 3 engines and are on fire they do not die.


I attacked 4 IL76s with an F16, I shot 4 Aim 120C AMRAAMs, 2 Aim 9x Sidewinders and all my 20mm rounds yet 1 still limped away in a shallow dive. It did eventually succumb to its wounds when it ran out of altitude before it could land.



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