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F14A and B Cold Start procedure

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Ground Crew Connect Ground Power
Ground Crew Connect Ground Air




Start up 

Acknowledge Jester "Loud and Clear"

Arm Ejection Seat (top of seat back)

Wait for Jester to close canopy


Crank Right Engine Switch Right Click (LM)
Left click on Right Throttle (LM)

Crank Left Engine Switch Left Click (LM)
Left click on Left Throttle (LM)


Jester INS Fine


"AFCS Stab Aug" (LM)

Pitch Left Click
Roll Left Click
Yaw Left Click


Turn on Radio and set to Manual or Preset (LM)


Reset Altimeter Right Click hold  (F)
Uncage RADAR Alt (F)
Uncage Standby Attitude (F)


Turn on Displays (FR)

VDI Left Click
HUD Left Click
HSD Left Click

Reset Gun Ammo Counter (620/670 actual) (FR)


Push wing sweep lever forward and press down (right click)
Close wing sweep cover


Air Source to Both Engines (RM)

Ground Crew Disconnect Ground Power
Ground Crew Disconnect Ground Air


Taxi to runway (keep wings swept to avoid damage)


On runway/Catapult

Master Reset (FL)
Set Wing Sweep to Auto mode (map a key or switch on the HOTAS I use LAlt+W)
Right Click Antiskid/Spoilers to Both (FL)

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