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Klingon inspired ship


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A couple of years ago I built a Klingon inspired ship. At the time I built several ships that were capable of landing on 1g planets.  Some used atmospheric /ion thrusters, but this one used hydrogen/ion thrusters which accelerated faster. At first it had two stock large Hydrogen tanks which was just enough to land or take off from a 1g planet. For space it carries its own 5x5 driller (which has to be left in space), a space welder (docked underneath upside down, how far space engineers has come that a ship docked underneath can survive a re-entry and landing), an atmospheric driller docked on one wing and a newly designed shuttle docked on the other. It has a refinery and cargo space as well as cryo chambers. It also has 4 jump drives. It now has 4 of adders liquid hydrogen tanks, so it has much better loiter time on a planet. Before you had to aim to land on a lake. It can use parachutes to help take off a bunch of speed, useful with the speed mod.




Here you can see the driller docked at the rear.




This is the atmospheric small driller docked on one wing.




And this is my new shuttle with working air lock.




Here is the space welder, docked upside down.





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