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My First DCS WW II Fighters


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I bought the Spitfire Mk 9 and the Mustang P51D so that I can practice engine management, on the ground and in the air.


I have taken off in the Mustang, but I do not think I could in the Spitfire because of its stupidly narrow undercarriage. In the air the Spitfire is a treat.


The F3 key shows the external flyby view. The noise the planes make when they fly by is magnificent. I hit F3 a lot












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I have been practicing landing with my beautiful Spitfire and Mustang, As I expected the Mustang was relatively easy to land, you just have to manage the braking pulses so that it doesn't tip forward and break the propeller.




The Spitfire was much harder but not for the reason I expected, if you weren't careful with the speed it would stall by rolling onto a wing. I found it hard to judge as a 3 point landing requires a stall so that the plane drops gently onto its undercarriage. I tried 3 landings 2 looked like this




The best I managed ended like this, which was not a write off




Anyway, practice makes perfect, so I will try a few landings a day until I get it, then I will practice the take offs. I have managed to start up and take off in a Mustang, but all attempts in the Spitfire result in a crash before the plane gets off the ground.

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More practice landing the Spitfire and the Mustang. I managed to land the Spitfire the two times I tried. Although visually the attempts were successful, both times the plane wandered around in circles scraping a wing after I landed, but apart from a bit of paint they were n worse for the wear.




In this image it appears I have guided the plane off of the runway to a service area, in reality it has spun more than 450 degrees.




When I landed the the Mustang I found a few bursts of the 6 50 cals stopped her nicely. This was just a weapon test.

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I performed my first successful cold start, take off and landing in the Spitfire. It was bloody nerve wracking, manoeuvring on the ground without differential braking is comical, the take off was ok but the flight was far from stable. eventually I tamed it enough to come around to land.20210507154809_1.jpg


Although the plane is intact, yet again it spun around more than 450°, my flat left tyre was the only visible damage. Still better than my attempts in the F15 which often resulted in 3 tyres shredded by my indelicate landings.


The start up is quite amusing.


Push throttle forward to engage electrics, then pull back.

Push propeller pitch full forward.

Switch on the two magnetos (ignition and starting)

Open the fuel cock

Rock the wobble pump to put pressure in the fuel system

Unlock the primer pump then pump 3 times on a mild day, more if it's cold

Uncover the starter and booster coil buttons

Push throttle forward an inch

Press and hold the starter and booster coil buttons for no more than 20 seconds or until the engine catches, prime as necessary

When the engine catches push the main Magneto lever forward

Wait for engine oil to reach operating temp.


Here is a real Spitfire start.



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