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@Halli~SPARTA~ made a comment he may look to buy a Joystick sometime in the future, I noticed this youtube review and thought it would be worth a few minutes for anyone looking to buy anything.


I got my X52 for a space game and the only real world aircraft I honestly want to fly are helicopters in Arma, for that reason I am mostly interested in a Thrustmaster t1600m because it's lefty or righty and would give me a HOSAS setup I am also considering making myself a set of pedals (actually coopting my workmates to make for me as I am working in an engineering factory :) ) for flying helicopters.




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Yeah I just need to save up for something as I bought myself a Deer Rifle for Christmas...

Savage .270  XR with a Weaver scope.






No I did not really need it but with our new Commie/Socialist President coming in I felt it was an Investment for the future.


I will get a new (wheel and throttle)setup sometime this year.


With that said though BMUSHAL is buying Microsoft flight simulator so maybe he will buy himself a new system and I can get his 

hand me downs..... :rolleyes:  

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Mr Halli, the Savage Axis 2 is available in France, it costs €650 , with the Weaver scope. At current exchange rates that is $788 (including tax), As usual far more expensive than the price in the US, I don't know the local tax rate in your state.


But back to the HOTAS, for flight sims I use the X56, for space sims I use an Xbox Controller. I haven't played a lot of Star Citizen so a gamepad is probably inadequate.

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Star Citizen, keyboard and mouse is a good experience to fly from one destination to another, probably the xbox controller would be a similar experience


From what I understand to fight AI HOTAS is good but the best setup for PVP would be HOSAS 

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