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F16C cold start procedure


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LC behind throttle RClick twice Main Power Switch
LC front Anti Skid Switch/Parking Brake RClick to turn the parking brake on
LC in front of throttle JFS Switch left click Start 2 

WAIT for RPM percent to exceed 20 (right of right MFD)
RShift Home to Uncage throttle (this will start engine)
LC in front of throttle UHF Function Knob to MAIN to turn on radio
LCtrl C (hold till closed) close Canopy
left front Yellow K shaped lever Lclick Canopy Handle down
Left Front Ejection Safety Lever left Click to Armed




RC Switches and 2 knobs near right elbow

MDS LVT Rclick to on

Rotate INS knob to STOR HDG


MMC Rclick
ST STA Rclick
MFD Rclick
UFC Rclick
Map Rclick
GPS Rclick
DL Rclick


RC Rclick on base of joystick to hide
RC switches to right of Joystick
left HDPT Lclick
right HDPT Lclick
FCR Lclick
RDRALT Rclick x2

Left of NUMPAD rotary wheel SYM scroll up for HUD
Above right MFD analogue artificial horizon rotate knob to uncage and line up with horizon


By now the INS should be ready (ALIGN will flash on HUD), INS rotary knob Rclick to NAV

LC front Anti Skid Switch/Parking Brake Lclick to turn the parking brake off

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