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F/A 18 Hornet Using GBU bombs with Litening pod Parts 1 and 2

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In this guide we will assume, you know how to use the autopilot, parked or static targets, one bomb at a time and we will be using


Center 330 gallon fuel tank

AN/AAQ-28 Litening Pod

GBU 12 Paveway 500lb bomb(Guided Mk82) x8. 2 each on pylons 2,3,7,8

This puts the plane at 88% max takeoff weight


Alternatively we can use

GBU 16 1,00lb bomb (Guided Mk83) 

GBU10 2,000lb bomb (Guided Mk84) 


Understand that we will be using LASER guided ordinance, the Litening pod lases and the Paveway system on the bomb follows the beam. The emitter has a code, which, if unchanged is 1688. If more than one is bombing in the same area it is a good idea to change the code to a unique number. 


First if you know the location of the target on the map note its coordinates and add a waypoint to that location, be as precise as you can

Prepare the plane for flight, but hold on ramp

Set Left MFD to  Stores and click on LG82 (top right) it will now be boxed as will on of the wing stations

Bottom center you will see PROG1 indicating

Mode Auto



Left buttons 3rd down click on EFUZ, then click on INST

Left buttons 5th down click on CODE

The word CODE appear in the NUMPAD Area (Upfront control panel or UFC)

click on the button next to CODE so that a colon appears to its left

Type in 1688 (or whatever number you have chase for your Litening pod) and ENT the boxed xxxx under the boxed 82LG will change to boxed 1688

look to right buttons 3rd down STEP, click on it

If :CODE and 1688 are still on the UFC hit ENTER,then STEP, ENTER STEP, ENTER. At this point All 4 codes should be entered 


RC above RADAR and INS knobs you will see 3 switches 


LTD/R come back to that



Now take off and climb to 10-15,000. (take your time and take it easy on the after burner as you will kill your loiter time otherwise)

Heading to the waypoint using HSEL (as previously described) and once at altitude click on BALT

Master arm on

A/G on

RDY should appear under  the boxed 82LG top right of the MFD


Go to right MFD and click on FLIR top right button

Verify the right MFD is the Sensor of Interest (SOI) there should be a small diamond shape in the top right hand corner of the screen. If not hold RALT+/

and the diamond should apppear.


PART 2 Finding the target and the bomb run.

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Part 2


Understand that there is a trigger for firing guns and sometimes missiles and a weapon release button for bombs and some missiles, they are not the same. Identify them before continuing


Sit rep 


Right MFD shows the FLIR image with the small diamond in the top right hand corner.

Left MFD shows the STORES page with LG82 boxed and RDY underneath


Next move to center MFD and click on Menu and SA on right

The circle represents your waypoint (in the vicinity of your target a small diamond represents where your camera is looking.

move the camera using 

up   ;

down    .

left    ,

right    /


There are zoom in and out as well as wide or narrow view.

Use these buttons to visually find your target

When you are on target press enter on the keyboard, a vertical line will appear on your hud as well as AUTO on the left and an arrow pointing to the target which is boxed.

fly towards the target align the vertical line with the center of the hud

Below AUTO is a timer, if it is 99 you are more than 99 or more seconds away

AS you get closer the number will countdown. The weapon release is automatic, but you must be pressing the weapon release button, I hold the weapon release from 30 seconds

Go to the aforementioned LTD/R button and switch it on, still holding the weapon release button.

When the counter reaches zero the bomb will release and LASE will appear under AUTO

press the primary trigger to LASE the target

Ensure that the camera has an unobstructed view of the target, be wary of parts of your own plane blocking the camera

The bomb should follow the laser and hit the target.


I hope this helps, I will amend it as I get more information

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