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I bought the F5E and thought I would have a bash at the Top Gun inverted flight with the "MiG 28" but reversed, ie the MiG would be inverted. Unfortunately I am useless at formation flying, so although I got close I could stay in position long enough to invert.




I like the F5, It was one of the first models I built as a youth and in those days it was known as the Freedom Fighter. It is nice to fly as it can carry AIM 9 M and P missiles as well as bombs and has  a couple of guns in the nose. The F5 was used as the aggressor in dissimilar combat training by the US as it is a light agile fighter. In a documentary I watched recently I learnt the the F18 had its origins in the F5.


Because it is an old, unsophisticated, steam gauge plane, the start up is very quick. It does need to be hooked up to an external air supply to start the engines, which is different.


Later I practised flying inverted, but before long both engines shut down, I was able to restart them when I rolled back but encountered a tree. Maybe next time I will avoid flying low and inverted at the same time.


I still want to get the F14 but I am not optimistic about getting the 50% discount, the current price is discounted by 15% and the newer planes like the F16 and 18 are 30% off.


There is no hurry, as for now, I only know how to use the F18 properly, so I have to learn how to use the A10, Viggen, Harrier, F16, F5, Mirage, KA50, Huey, SU 25, SU27, SU 33, MiG 29 and the F15C.






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My other planes in DCS


MiG 29








SU 27












Bell UH 1H 




A10a, A10c, A10cII, F15C, F16, F/A F18, Saab Viggen, Dassault Mirage 2000







Despite having all these planes I still want more.












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