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Figured I'd start a thread since I probably won't see most of you until the weekend.


What is the function of the new rover style vehicle? Very odd design, couldn't figure out what the intent was.


Also with that vehicle, I wouldn't leave it docked to the connector on the rotor. Any time I'd return to the base after mining, that thing would be pretty violently shaking and there is a bit of damage to the wheel.



P.S. - Anyone that plays SE that isn't already aware, I'm running a dedicated server. Search "LOSC Survival". You must be a member of the Sparta group on Steam to join the server. Steam group link: https://steamcommunity.com/groups/LegionOfSparta

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It's an Adder design.


The idea of the odd rover is to help with mining. Like a mobile docking station.


A flying mining vessel uses power to stay aloft. With the odd rover, your miner can dock with it unload its cargo, and recharge and carry on. Obviously we need to be on together for that to work, unless the miner can be driven out docked. However it may be a solution to a problem that doesn't exist. I see the Rotors are still a problem so we will need another solution.


I am afraid to use the miner until I see you use it to see its operating envelope. Once I see you use it I will help with mining.


One of the Rovers is equipped with adders modded ore detector (with 150m range), I have mapped some ores out but some of it is deep (100m)


The refinery is also one of adders mods, with 5x speed.


I figured out why the resources are so meagre, this is because we used easy start before but did not use the base, the resources are much richer on planet in easy start. This means that our priority should be to get into space, where the asteroids do have richer deposits.


I would like to add fusion reactor mod so that we can use the ice to power the base and recharge batteries.

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Got it, makes sense. I was thinking about doing a Utility/Transport type ship with the same functional concept, so that works.


My miner is pretty straight forward. Only thing to be careful about is keeping it upright. Only the large thrusters have enough push to keep it airborne. Its not really an efficient design, though. I have to grind through the top layers each pass, which is not ideal, especially if we're going to dig down to those 100m deep deposits. I was going to do a redesign to try and get it to work on two axis, but I saw you built your miner so I just used yours. After doing two passes with my vertical miner, I was able to drop in with your horizontal one straight to the ore and skip all the rock. Managed to get about 150k of nickel in one go, but still did get a bit of stone also... how do you discard the unwanted material from yours?


My boot up sequence:

  1. Battery "recharge" off
  2. Reactors on
  3. Release connector
  4. Antenna on
  5. Ore detector on

Once at the ore location:

  1. Fine tune position over the ore
  2. Align roll and pitch with the horizon guage
  3. Lock the gyroscope
  4. Ensure ejectors are on
  5. Turn on drills
  6. Continue to lower elevation until ore is reached
  7. Slowly raise back to the surface


I did do some tidying up around the base. Renamed all the ship components to include which ship they are on so looking at the inventory and control panel is a bit easier to figure out what is what. Turned off all the ship antennas and ore detectors while docked to clean up the HUD. Turned off all ship reactors so they're not trying to power the base and also put all ship batteries on recharge for the same reason. Turned off the "use conveyors" option for all the ship reactors, otherwise they automatically pull uranium from the refinery when ore is dropped in.

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That miner is a welding ship that i adapted to mining by adding some conveyor and swapping the weld heads for drills, you should build your ideal miner and we can convert the ship back to a welder (very handy for building). I dont like to waste resources so this way I can try to help but not duplicate your work. Its weakness is when you rotate left or right it rolls at the same time, eventually when its laden it can end up on its side unable to right itself. So as I rotate I have to correct the roll all the time. She also does not like flying vertically (on its tail) when fully laden, thats why I try to have an shallow approach tunnel. But it should have no problem flying out of a vertical shaft flat to the horizon.


As I drill to the deposit I use the right mouse button, this makes a bigger hole and does not put anything in cargo, once I am at the vein I use the left mouse to collect, when it gets heavy I go back to the surface, switch the connector to throw out and put the stone in the connector. I had trouble when I ejected while mining as the boulders push the ship around, yours is better as it ejects through the bits which probably destroys them.


I have a ship for getting into space so I will build that.


We will probably add some more mods if thats ok.

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so the mods i think would be good additions at this stage of the world:


Liquid Hydrogen - https://steamcommuni.../?id=1217820359


Fusion Reactor – https://steamcommuni...s/?id=564559033


Speed –

Small ship 500 https://steamcommuni...s/?id=570766287

Large ship 400 https://steamcommuni...s/?id=570767389

Aerodynamic Physics – https://steamcommuni...s/?id=571920453

Hover Engine – https://steamcommuni.../?id=1225107070

Edge be gone – https://steamcommuni.../?id=1300118006 (depending on how you feel about edges)

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When we chatted last nignt/this morning, I forgot to tell you that Adders mod for the refinery mulitplies the speed by 5 or 10 but at a cost of 5 to 10 times the resources and power. the server mulitplier does not as far as I know. Adders idea was that we tend to build a lot of refineries but the number may slow the server. I should have explained this last night but my brain may not have been at peak performance at 4 am. This is just to share Adders thinking, I know your ok with the mods.


Adder something has changed with the the server GUI.


Before, I could type the number (or copy and paste it) straight into the Mod field. Now there is a subscribed mods field and an add mods field as well. but I cannot type into any of them.


Can you look at it locally and see how to overcome this without saving in a normal game instance and copying to the dedicated server.

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This will probably get me on teamspeak (apologies for being AWOL)


On a planet inside 2 weeks I get beyond the block count and make a game shudder to a halt using one constructor ship (basically an atmospheric Floyd variant) an 8 drill small ship miner (a Slain variant) a transport ship a specialist floor welding tool a small ship block for making very large tunnels and a variant of the large block miner I am fond of.


Even getting carried away I never build 'engineering' with more than 7 refineries and 4 arc furnaces, I would be interested in experimenting with modded refineries and shiz if it means we could place more standard block.


I may upload my last planet build from a year ago just to make Cent laugh


Edit- Apparently there has been some changes to stalking legislation @luggs :thumbsup:

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