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Our first detected interstellar visitor is... odd


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Hello all,


You may have seen that in October of this year they detected an asteroid entering our solar system from deep space.

This object is interesting in that it is interstellar, but it's shape is even more intriguing.

It has an odd shape of being elongated to the extreme. The most elongated asteroid ever detected in our solar system

has a length of 3 times its diameter. This object has a length 10 times its diameter... which is puzzling scientists.


It is roughly 40 meters in diameter with a length of 400 meters... basically cigar shaped.

They have detected no water or dust around it and think it is made of very dense rock and/or metal.

It is traveling at a little more than 87,000mph and is currently exiting the solar system.


Based on the data, they have produced an illustration of what they think it looks like.



They are currently surveying it with Hubble and several large earth based telescopes.


All I can say is as we increase our detection capabilities... the universe continues to amaze us with things we have never encountered before... and I think it will continue to do so.

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