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My friend's amazing fossils


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Hello all,
I have shown some of you in the past pictures of some of the fossils restored by a friend of mine who owns a company called GeoDecor.

This year during the "Tucson Gem & Mineral Show" (one of the largest in the world) His showroom was featured on one of the local news channels. This year as the center piece of his showroom he has "Bob" which is one of the largest Triceratops dinosaurs ever recovered in the USA. Below is a 30 second clip of "Bob" and part of the GeoDecor showroom, you can also see other amazing fossils in the background.


My friend has some amazing stuff. I periodically go down and do maintenance on various equipment in his lab.
While there he has shown me stuff that some museum curators have never seen in person.

Once he walked up to me, handing me this huge claw. He says; "Here check out this really nice Velociraptor claw, it is 9.5 inches long and pristine. It is one of the most pristine velociraptor claws ever recovered."

I said; "Oh wow that is neat as I held it, I assume this is a reproduction of it?"

He said; "No, that one is real and worth about $15,000.00 I currently have two offers for it, but not sure I am going to let go of it right now".

My heart skipped a beat as I thought; "real?... REAL?!!!!! DON'T DROP IT!!!!" I very carefully but quickly handed it back to him as I thanked him for letting me actually hold it.

They are usually working on several dinosaurs when I am down at his lab. He does restoration work for large museums all over the world. He currently has specimens in the Smithsonian and numerous other large museums here in the USA, UK and Germany.

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