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Well.. I think they still have the most important part.


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Well it appears NASA found the landing point for the Schiaparelli Lander... er impact point. It appears to be a charred crater. NASA's MRO craft found this new crater in the expected landing zone.

So they were are on target, just need to work out timing of the rockets. Glad this was actually a test run they were hoping to get a bonus from.




But really, the Orbiter is the craft they have successfully inserted into Mars Orbit, and in my opinion this is the most important instrument package. This orbiter looks for trace gases such as methane.

It is sensitive enough it can tell the difference between biologically produced methane and geologically produced methane as they apparently have different particle configurations.


It can also look for other things that will be useful as we continue exploring Mars. So what they find I am going to be very interested to see.


Full article: http://www.space.com/34472-exomars-mars-lander-crash-site-photos.html

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