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oh man!! I want one of these!!!


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the DTV Shredder.



I may approach these guys on whether they are interested in letting me create an electric version of one of these.


I actually have in mind a small one or two person seated scooter with wider tracks and a sun shade which is also a large solar panel.

It would of course be a "Desert Edition".


I am fairly certain I could meld several technologies to make one capable of having very long range, especially if supplemented by a large

solar panel continuously trickle charging the batteries. It would need to be wider, with the tracks being about double the width of this single person

shredder. I am thinking a large battery and super capacitor array would be how I would first approach the power storage.


The problem would be getting the dual cvt transfer case to handle the extreme torque electric motors produce instantly. A 10 to 15HP electric motor would likely

twist things in half eventually..... Although the racing version may have a heavier drive train. I am no stranger to this problem... as I did a lot of dynamo-meter testing of the M1 Abrams engine/transmission assembly during the development of the Abrams. Since it was a gas turbine turning at 30,000 plus RPM going into a huge cast iron reduction gear box... we had the same problem... instant massive torque loads.

On the M1 I routinely saw long duration torque spikes of over 60,000 ft/ibs torque on both of the two output drives. As you can imagine... dealing with near instant torque of over 120,000 ft/lbs total can be an interesting problem. But all problems can be solved eventually.

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