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A spectacular Lightning sequence of pictures.


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Hello all,

On Oct. 8 I recorded roughly 2 hours of video of a thunderstorm that entered severe status on several occasions over those 2 hours. It produced some spectacular lightning that I am now extracting from the 10,800,000 frames I am extracting from the 2 hours of video shot at 25fps.

I discovered this sequence this morning, and found it so spectacular I wanted to share it now. Enjoy.

I suggest looking at these in full size (double click on them)










This sudden blinding light is far brighter than normal and is a rare "super bolt". Below I have reduced gamma 92% so you can see this super bolt.



This does fit the criteria for a super bolt, millions of times brighter than normal lightning as below in the next frame we go back to normal gamma.







































This sequence was recorded at 25fps so the entire sequence of 22 pictures occurs in 0.88 seconds.... but it was worth seeing I think.

I also think it demonstrates well why I retreat to my enclosed porch with grounded steel around the openings when these storms start to get close. Lightning is bad for me... and periodic sprinkles of rain is bad for the camera... Shelter and safety are the only way to record lightning. With my set-up I have the wrought iron fence in the foreground spanning 50 feet in front of me and it is grounded deep into the ground.

My porch is under a full roof, I can close the openings with solar screens that have a steel frame all the way around the porch openings, this is also grounded. Best to not be a good target for active lightning like this and to keep better targets between you and it.

Hope you enjoyed it, there are many more, in the end I will be making a video of all the lightning captured from this storm. As I run into additional spectacular sequences I will be posting them for you.

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yes I am fairly certain both the initial brief super bolt and the secondary long duration strike would have turned a human into a "crispy critter"


That sequence also shows the danger involved to hikers or people outdoors near thunderstorms in the Southwest, the initial strike and second strike are at least 5 miles apart.

The mountains in the distance where the first strike occurs start upward 5 miles away.


Many of the people struck by lightning in the Southwest think they are far enough away with no rain near them and a storm 5 to 7 miles away thinking they are safe... this is not safe at all.


They have recorded very large strikes up to 7 miles away from thunderstorms in bright sunny skies and no rain.

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