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A preview of lightning to come


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Hello all,


Some of you may have seen the lightning shots I have posted in the past, or even the video I posted briefly on youtube (youtube forced me to take it down till I have full copyright permissions).


Well I have collected more video that I have not even looked at, but 2 days ago, a fairly intense lightning storm came through a good viewing area for me in the late afternoon and evening.

I collected over 2 hours of video on this particular storm that started around 4:45pm and continued off and on until after 7pm.


There were a couple of events I wanted to look at and one occurs in the first 30 minutes of video. I happened across it and after looking at it I decided it was nice enough to post immediately. enjoy.




I have only gone through about 35,000 frames... I was recording at 25fps so I have several hundred thousand to go..... I am looking forward to discovering what else I caught.

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