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Holy Crap! This is not good at all.


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I heard about and found this article published 2 days ago.




While results are preliminary, their research seems thorough and what these scientists seem to have discovered is frightening.

Air pollution may be far more hazardous than we originally thought... and we thought it was pretty toxic before this discovery.


Essentially, they have discovered that combustion, brakes, machinery, etc. all generate "nano magnetite particles" into the air.

These particles are so small, they can enter directly into the blood stream and brain.


Once in the brain, these particles are extremely toxic to brain tissue as they apparently act as an oxidizer.

To make matters worse... they also react to external magnetic fields and move around as a result....


The brain tissue destruction they are seeing around these nano magnetite particles is identical to the brain deterioration seen in both Dementia and Alzheimer's patients.

They did see correlation between high levels of these particles in the brain and those two diseases.


The implications of this discovery are staggering... in what we may need to start doing almost immediately to prevent a growing epidemic of both Dementia and Alzheimers being detected

from exploding into a totally catastrophic problem for our species and others.

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