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I think this is a winning design direction


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Hello all,


I have wondered for some time, why nobody has revisited the potential of airships from the days of the Zepplin.

With todays technologies building a hybrid vehicle should be possible.


Well... fast forward to yesterday August 17, 2016 about 70 miles north of London in the UK

The "Airlander" as it has been named completed it's maiden flight. It starts its maiden flight at 15:33 in the video.



I think this design concept of part airship - part aircraft is likely going to be a winning design direction.
A target max cruise speed of 250 ~ 300 mph would make this design something that could replace a lot of
passenger jets currently.

For one thing, on a very long flight... these things could be as comfortable as cruise ships... like the days of the zeppelin's....

If it could cruise at roughly 300mph, there is no place on the planet it could not go to in a reasonable amount of time considering the comfort level available. I think people would select these over faster "cattle car crammed passenger jets" of today.

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Its cruising speed is 80 kts, but thats ok. Configured properly it could be a viable, faster alternative to some light freighters. I am interested to see how it operates in high winds, since it cannot operate above the weather (ceiling 3880 meters/ 16000 feet). Isnt this still the small version.


I do not like cruises and such like, but would suffer being confined with others to go around the world in something like this, low and slow enough to really see what you are flying over.

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this particular design would never exceed 100 knots.


As I mentioned, I think this is a good design direction. To achieve high cruising speeds it would have to be even "sleeker" looking and

would have to have considerably more thrust available.


But yes I agree with Zeno in that being able to travel in this manner, at a reasonable speed (I think 250mph should be target minimum) at a low altitude that

allowed you to see the world beneath you in some detail would be a pleasant trip.

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