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Hello all,


Well, I just spent about 60 hours or so over the last month having a lot of fun being creative with a video of a powerful monsoon storm I decided to create.


This storm was super intense. I recorded just under 41 minutes of video at 1080p/50fps. From that 41 minutes, I extracted just under 123,000 frames.

I then went through and extracted only those frames that contained some lightning light within them.

When I was done, I had 14,411 frames with lightning in them... if you do the math of 14,411 frames out of 123,000 frames at 50 fps.... That is lightning appearing every 8.5 frames at 50fps.

These storms look like giant Tesla coils up in the sky when they get going like this.


This storm was fun to watch, although only for short periods as intense lightning causes severe eye strain and headaches within minutes.

The sound track for this video came into my head as I watched this storm, it seemed to follow the tempo of this soundtrack....


I hope you enjoy this video as much as I did making it.


Note: Good sound is important as the soundtrack is key to this video. 1920x1080 full screen recommended.



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ok I have taken this video down briefly.

I want to finesse it a bit and get the owner's written consent to allow me to build this video....
Although I did license it... licensing and copyright are fairly muddled I am finding.... basically although the author can authorize a license, you can buy that license, he can still decide it is copyright infringement has occurred if he doesn't like how you used it... at least that is what I am gleaning with research.

Therefore, I am currently in major effort to get this person's attention, so I can build this thing the correct way without fear of pissing off the owner of the song. I think he is going to like what he sees.... I want him to approve it :cheers:


Then.... I do not have to worry about a potential copyright violation I did try to avoid.... and have... but in a very gray and risky area of the law.

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