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Hello all,


Well SpaceX continues to impress everyone including NASA.

After the last failed barge landing attempt by stage 1, a flight engineer came on camera and said; "We see what was wrong that caused this failure. We know how to fix this, it will never happen again."


Considering Friday's landing was near perfect.... I guess he was right. The first 4.5 minutes are very interesting with a lot happening. These NASA HD radar guided camera's are awesome, you can even see stage 1 make it's flip maneuver to reverse direction and return to the barge.




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really smart guys and some very sophisticated maneuvering/navigation technology land it on that barge. :thumbsup:


But really, I am certain a version of Boeing's "inertial guidance system" is likely used, and while it has continued to advance through the years, it was installed in Boeing 747's in the

early 1970's. Even in 1974, the "Inertial Guidance System" made the 747 capable of operating completely on it's own (with clearance to go) as it can taxi from the gate to the runway, take off, calculate and fly the most

fuel efficient route to it's destination, land on the assigned runway, and taxi to it's assigned gate all without a pilot. It was a very capable system developed for the Apollo program.


I was on the first Boeing 747 to make a completely autonomous landing with the inertial guidance system. I was on a Pan Am Clipper ship 747 in the early 1970's flying from Brussels to New York.

This landing, was amazingly smooth at NY.


My father, was an Aeronautical Engineer, who had worked on Apollo and other programs. He had been in and out of aircraft for many years. He had just finished remarking he had never seen or felt such a smooth landing before after this Pan Am 747 touched down. He exclaimed; That is probably the smoothest pilot I have ever landed in an airplane with!


Suddenly the Captain came on the speakers and congratulated us for being the first commercial passengers to ever experience a landing completely by computer control with no human input. They had chosen after testing to begin using it without telling passengers... as few would have trusted a computer in those days to actually land an aircraft.

It was pretty funny.

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