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Talk to me, just spent 10 minutes wasting my time with google found nothing of note


Whats the multiplayer like? Do you have to unlock weapons in multiplayer? Whats it most like we have played b4?

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I only got 4 hours of play time in during the beta. I can't say it's really like anything we've played before. It's an experience hard to describe. I would go watch some streams on twitch if you want to get a feel for the game play. The beta didn't convince me to spend $60 on it. I'll be waiting for a sale and then make my decision to drop some cash on it.

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Is anyone playing this on Ps4?

I'd quite like to get this but my pc is under powered for most new games and I'm not sure I can justify going the upgrade path again, especially as I hardly play anything other than War Thunder.

Add to that I quite like the look of The Last of Us, which is exclusive to Ps4, so a switch to console might not be a bad idea.

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I am playing it on PS4, Ubi sent me the console version rather than PC for some reason. Not complaining as it came with a fancy watch and stuff too w00t. Im only a couple of hours in, too early to tell if I'm going to get sucked into that world, enjoying it so far though.


Like you, I do want to get the Last of Us remastered and also the Black Rain/Beyond Two Souls collection.


Also, if you are thinking about PS4 v PC Upgrade, in my opinion, you won't be disappointed with the PS4.


Virtual reality in October too.

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Talk to me, just spent 10 minutes wasting my time with google found nothing of note


Whats the multiplayer like? Do you have to unlock weapons in multiplayer? Whats it most like we have played b4?


Your answers at the end in conclusion.




OK I'll try to give you an honest one.

Pro's & Con's - Fun and pain in the butt opinion.


I didn't care much but I was spending too much money in the so called Free to play World of tanks... and alot of time.

I left all ingame clans and basically pulled away from it for now.


Looking for something similar but not too fast and furious, something I could pickup and put down, something that was not just PvP or PvE. I had heard alot about " The Division" but did not read too much as it looked like a typical CONSOLE SHOOTER.


But the other night I wanted to drop into a channel and do some chatting and maybe abit of adventure/shooting/MMO style, modern (not dragons) and fairly easy to pick up, put down and with some sort of progressive story and fun element...


I spoke to Rabbit & watched some videos, asked alot of questions, ended up buying it on PC.





It's not a tactical shooter, it's an MMO styled role playing game with PvE shooting and retrieval as it's focus.

You know the type, go here, shoot this, collect that, return there.


You setup a character which can not change down the line, (so what you decide on sticks, incl. name).

You get to change your clothes, put on hats, change weapons and do a bit of crafting.....

You can work on your own or in a group of upto 4, you can play only PvE or do PvE & PvP play.

You venture around Manhattan/New york, finding things, killing bad guys and having fun even that some of it is the same old again and again.. (the grind).


You can specialize in your load out as you level up, to be more of a certain type of player... medical, electronics etc.. but you can change anytime...


I played the 20min tutorial mission at the start which is 3 levels and takes 20-45 mins, and takes you to LEVEL 3.

The game progression is to LEVEL 30, then some special LEVELS (31 &32) PvP area and special goodies to find.


It's easy to drop in on your own & join a group making a squad of 4 to do the missions on 3 hardness levels, as many times as you want.



Graphics look great, the third person moving around does not detract from the shooting or adventure.....

Weather effects & time of day change in game, distance in nearly 1:1 with real life.







It's an easy styled game (not ghost recon of old), it's more like world of tanks than simulator.

If your looking for something relatively easy to pick up and have some not too serious fun, it's great.


If you like MMO type games where you need to kill a wave or 4 of bad guys, get the loot and log off if your short of time, it's spot on.

You don't need to be overly serious of militry to play, it is good & it is fun.

You don't have to do too much planning, there is a guide GPS way point system but you can go through the city any way you want...



All weapons need to be bought or picked up in game, you can not use a high LEVEL WEAPON on a low LEVEL player.

You can pickup, buy or craft weapons.


It's mostly like the moving about of ghost recon walk/jog (through the streets) with the shooting of a typical console shooter and the tactics of an MMO (WOW).



It's really not like another shooter because it is not a tactical shooter.. which is a good thing as that can get too heavy for a lite night.... but you could find yourself buring 6 hours on this without knowing....


Game looks like it will get alot more content, the PvP zone for example looks like a nice bit of fun too....



Base game is around £29.99



good sample @ LvL 29

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Good feedback - I've enjoyed the game style/graphics/etc, looking forward to some of the future content they plan to release. Hit lvl 30, and rolled up a 2nd char to play along with others (you can have up to 4 characters). Some negative elements are the typical MMO grinds, but it goes faster than you think because of the random events, the diverse landscape of neighborhoods, and the story is intriguing.

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To be fair Johns review is what I needed because I was more interested if it was a tactical shooter it's not really what I was looking for I am happy to drop in and out of the current games I play.

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