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Amazing speed anyone?

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They have been studying a super-nova that occurred approx. 20,000 years ago, 30 light years from earth.

While studying it with Chandra, the X-Ray photo's showed something astounding.


They discovered a Pulsar streaking away from the supernova. A picture of the pulsar is below:


What is so amazing about this pulsar is it is now traveling between 5.5 million mph and 6.5 million mph. It will take more data over an extended period to calculate the exact speed.

Everyone is now trying to figure out... how does one of the most dense objects we know to exist, get punted by a super nova to that kind of speed??


Since apparently the physics is so far not working well on how this could happen... it is likely we are about to learn something new... again.. this is happening a lot lately! :allgood:


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