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The mystery deepens a little.

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Hello all,


You may remember me posting that article about the "dimming star". Apparently, further study has shown that not only does this star show an irregular 20% drop in light output, but the star's light output has been gradually dimming overall for 100 years now according to historical photo analysis recently done.


I love mysteries... we learn so much as we begin trying to unravel them.



One thought I have had after reading this, is I am wondering if this star has ingested an object made of a material that is interfering with it's nuclear reactions.

These materials do exist, but we have never seen them exist in quantities large enough to affect an entire star.


But if the irregular 20% dimming is the actual impact point of the object on the surface of the star, and the overall dimming is it suppressing reactions, that would explain it in my mind.

In my mind, the irregular 20% dim could be caused by the actual impact point drifting around or the star wobbles in its rotation, we would only detect the total 20% dimming when the impact spot pointed directly at Kepler.


Just an idea....

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