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A potential game changer for space travel

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Hello all,


We have all heard about, and seen theory on "laser propulsion" over the last 20 or 30 years.

While still classified, there is significant evidence suggesting we are currently using a type of laser propulsion for some orbital craft currently in use.


However... I am VERY excited to see this.




I think we will do this if the current feasibility study NASA is doing says go for it. This technology is one to watch, and here is why:


1)This technology would automatically be applicable in three different areas. Propulsion, extreme range communications and of course... a laser of this power would be a formidable weapon.

2)This means, NASA can get the Pentagon to front most of the development cost. Making it possible for this to be developed in a relatively short time compared to how long it would take NASA to

develop this with their very small budgets relative to the Pentagon's.


In reality, most of the major pushes the USA has made into space, including the Apollo and Shuttle program required a lot of defense funding to become realities. Therefore, any major space project

has required a significant and real military potential in order to justify the cost, or it could not get the needed funding.


This is why I think this tech is one to watch. I think the military will be rabidly in favor of creating this propulsion system, comms system and weapon system... all in one for space.

It makes many things they would like to do... suddenly more practical.


In the end, for the human species, being able to achieve 20~30% light speed in 10 minutes... would be a game changer for us. Suddenly, many things are within our reach.

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