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Hello all,


I have a friend here in Tucson who owns a company called "Geodecor". He owns quarries up in Wyoming that are in the "Green River Formation" also known as "Fossil Lake".

He also does a lot of fossil reconstruction for museums all over the world and routinely sells fine specimens to museums.


He maintains a private showroom, that is normally closed to the public and only open to wealthy buyers and museums. But each year, he opens it to the public for 3 weeks during the "Tucson Gem and Mineral Show" which occurs annually in Feb. of each year. This year I went to his showroom and took a few pictures. Note the Tucson Gem and Mineral show is one of the largest in the world, covers about 30 square miles while it is here. If you want to see everything... it takes more than a week to see it all.


My friend has quite a reputation in the world of fossils and museums so he often runs into opportunities that most of us would never see. As a result, he has many extremely rare specimens. Everything in his showroom is for sale... like any high end product, if you have to ask, you cannot afford it and he does have things marked up to and including $95,000.00





Fossil sea lily's (Crinoids) over 5 feet tall from Holzmaden Germany



Fossil Turtle, 5 feet across (1.53 meters) This is from his quarry.



8 foot long crocodile from his quarry in Wyoming.



9 foot long Xiphactinus from Kansas



The Xiphactinus is characterized as an enormous fanged Tarpon. Grew up to 20 feet in length.



6 foot x 12 foot Mural of fossil fish from his quarry in Wyoming ($35K)



Large 26 inch diameter Ammonite from Canada



Another 5 foot turtle from Wyoming



Various smaller murals of fish from his quarries.



This is the largest Ichthyosaurs ever recovered in Holzmaden Germany of this species (Stenopterygius quadpriscussus). It is approx. 10 feet long.



The largest complete pair of "Blue Mammoth tusks" ever recovered.



This is the largest complete skeleton of a Triceratops ever recovered in the USA. It had an interesting deformity. The left rear leg is 5 inches shorter than the right rear leg

and it appears this is how they grew.



He recently acquired a large mammoth display. I do not remember if it was a private collector or a museum that had most of these.



It even included two babies and the leg in the foreground is complete with tissue and nails.





Beautiful complete mammoth skeleton.



Large T-Rex skull with vertebrae attached.



Large Triceratops skull



Woolly Rhino, yes the horns are real.



Woolly Rhino skeleton complete, with almost pristine horns... again not reproductions... real.



Various skulls, 4x8 mural and Cave Bear skeletons.

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Visited Lyme Regis last weekend, on the so called Jurassic Coast, when I have sorted the pics I will post them you may find the location interesting Zath it's unusual.


Unfortunately on the day we went fossil hunting we didn't find a complete fossil of an Ichthyosaurs just a few very small Ammonites :wtf:

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