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FTB Vanilla+ w/ FunWorldGen

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"Not too Hot, Not too Cold, Just Right..."

Server: minecraft.legionofsparta.net:2400

Whitelist is active (post below if you need on, chances are you already are so try first)


Dynamic Map: http://minecraft.legionofsparta.net:2401/



Modpack is Feed the Best Vanilla+ from the FTB launcher



Updated: and you must manually download and place several additional .jar's into your mod folder. Download here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ukzgglb7o8utpec/vanillaplusstuff.zip?dl=0 One note, disable the "IguanaTinkerTweak" mod until we figure out what its doing wrong (else you can't use pickaxes).




Whats it all about and why should I try it? In summary:

1) Its a bit above vanilla .. 70+ mod packs, but doesn't take a day to load. No crazy tech or magic or end game crap that totally ends the fun. Its fresh and new, yet...


2) Difficult .. things hit hard (skellies have unique arrows like wither/flame/exploding) and biodiversity required in food - the last 5 things eaten its diminished in use, always try new. Harvestcraft, Agricraft, etc all change up the food ideas.


3) And Fun World Gen really changes a lot of the travelling dynamics to get to different islands Its a normal generated world with biomes, but split up via skyworld mechanics, and most blocks below 20 are gone to thin air.. We haven't seen diamonds yet, they are that rare. Dungeons hang off the bottom of the islands.



So come join us. If you haven't played minecraft before, but want to try, give it a whirl.. its much like classic, but better. I can see this server sticking around for a while. Post below if you need on the whitelist.

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