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Ok, I am a little slow in the brain department, so if this was blinding obvious to the rest of you I bow to your superior intellect.


Essentially buying trade data is filling in the trade lines on the Galaxy Map. You can avoid buying the trade data by stopping in a station and automatically getting the in/out routes for that system. It is therefore worth stopping at a station in every system if you can to create the pretty picture.


What I am not sure about is whether stopping in one station in a system gives you a view of all trade in the other stations in the same system - anyone?

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I have been doing this route:



I started in a Hauler maxed out for Cargo (no shields), best FSD.

After the first loop I had about 600k and put that into a Cobra. Since then I have done it a few times in the cobra and have made about 2 million. Waiting on enough money to buy a Type 6 with the best equipment.


I've also been using this program: https://forums.frontier.co.uk/showthread.php?t=82832
It works a lot better than the in-game nav and you don't have to alt tab out to know what the next jump location will be.

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Here is another rare commodity list: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1RitrGeA_1jL48AcY1NUx6JUEMrFXZhZI7F05Y4cExrQ/pubhtml
Trying it out now.


Update: So I just completed the route in pretty much the same ship this guy used in his link. I ended up making a bit more than what he quoted, took the same amount of time.

The way rare trading works is that you are allocated a certain amount every 10 minutes or so - so you aren't competing with the market or other traders. Once the route is completed each station has pretty much been replenished.

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What a great vid, this is the kind of hand holding I am needing right now, thanks! The OCR thing is amazing, can't believe the lengths some folks are going to.


Also, as a side point, I am utterly impressed by the text to speech engine used in this video, it is almost perfect, with inflections and pauses in the right places to make it sound like natural english, very cool.

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