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Fuck this game (self.EliteDangerous)
submitted 2 hours ago * by makesureimjewish
EVERY SINGLE TIME I check the time, it's an hour later. I haven't stayed up late playing video games in many years but last night I went to bed at 5am. I WORK FOR A LIVING FOR FUCKS SAKE
Ok back to the galaxy
[–]StillJustNicolasCageVirez 19 points an hour ago 
Holy fuck I know right? I swear it's because we travel so fast in game and there's time dilation in real life. I log on for what feels like 20 minutes and 2 hours go by, blows my mind.
[–]makesureimjewish[S] 7 points an hour ago 
This is the only logical explanation. Every minute of supercruise is 10 minutes of real time
[–]the_deku_nutt 3 points an hour ago 
Every 10 minutes of real time is a minute of supercruise.
[–]Kaspur78 1 point 44 minutes ago 
That explains my trip to Hutton and the lost weekend!
[–]GalileoGalilei2012 9 points an hour ago 
BRUH. I started playing this shit at 12 am and I go to log off and realize the light from SOL is now shining through my window.
[–]makesureimjewish[S] 7 points an hour ago 
Dude if light from SOL is on your window you need to slow down. Unless you're trying to fuel scoop. Then you're fine


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