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Wanted - it's not all groupies and drugs you know

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Full thread here - but the important stuff is:


Let's start with: Bounties

A big red "WANTED" sign next to your name can be an exciting thing, but also pretty frustrating for newer players. The places you can safely go can be diminished greatly, depending on which faction you are wanted with.

By being wanted, you are a fair target to any ship in the jurisdiction of whichever faction issued your bounty. Defending yourself against clean ships who are attacking you because you have a bounty will make the price on your head larger. Also, if you are in an area controlled by a different faction , you will appear as 'clean' until someone uses a Kill Warrant Scanner on you. At that point you will show as wanted to them but because you are in a different factions jurisdiction, they will become wanted for shooting you and you're free to defend yourself. The only exception to this is anarchy systems, where you will not become wanted for anything.

Some of the ways you can get wanted include:
-Hitting a 'clean' ship with your weapons. (Assault, 200cr bounty)
-Murdering a clean ship. (Murder, 6000cr bounty)
-Defending yourself against 'clean' ships in areas controlled by your bounties issuing faction.

Fines will also turn into bounties after 24 hours of being issued/unpaid.
Fines can come from multiple things, considered minor compared to bounties. You will not be attacked immediately by authority ships with only fines , only with bounties.
-Being scanned with stolen/illegal cargo in your hold. (Fine depends on value of goods, can be MASSIVE)
-Pad loitering. (If the number on the pad doesn't match the one on your HUD, it's the wrong pad and you'll be fined)
-Ejecting cargo too close/inside of stations.
-Firing your weapons inside the 'no fire zone' around stations.
-Littering around any authority ships away from a station. It can happen anywhere in normal space.

NOTE: You will not incur a bounty for attacking anybody in an anarchy system.

Now that you know some ways of how you can get bounties and fines slapped on you, let's talk about ways to get rid of them.

First and formost, simply pay them off. This can be done in the "Contacts" menu of any station, even those not belonging to the faction that has issued any bounties on you. While it's possible to pay bounties from anywhere, fines must be paid at stations belonging to the issuing faction. This is best done when you are only slightly wanted/fined or have more credits than you know what to do with.

Secondly, bounties will go away on their own after a time period with no further crimes committed. They will become dormant after around 24 hours. At this point you won't be actively killed on sight but your bounty will continue to grow from it's last amount if you commit any crimes.
I believe it goes away completely after a longer period of good behavior, but I haven't tested that part yet.

Finally, you can be FORCED to pay off any outstanding bounties/fines if you aren't careful.

UPDATE: It seems, if you are killed by another player, they collect your bounty and you no longer have to pay it at a station upon respawn. I will test this further and update as needed.

This bring us to the next point.

You may have noticed different types of space stations, ranging from the symmetrical coriolis star ports, the massive ocellus stations, or the randomly slapped together outposts. For simplicities sake, I will refer to all large stations and star ports as "stations" and all small stations as "outposts".
Let's look at the differences between the two sizes.

-Usually has more station services.
-Internal docking only.
-Many landing pads of all sizes, in a 'barrel' shape.
-Active security patrols outside.
-Will attempt to scan you upon entry AND exit. This can be bypassed through flight techniques.

-Usually only has limited station services.
-External docking only
-Few landing pads, mostly small ones with maybe one or two medium pads. It depends on the size and wealth of the outpost.
-No security vessels.
-Will not attempt a scan on you.

If you didn't come to this conclusion yourself, I want to point out that outposts are much safer to dock at if you are wanted.

Stations and outpost all belong to a controlling faction. Whether it's a major one such as the Federation or an indipendent one such as the Crimson State. Because of this, you can be wanted at one station, yet completely legal at another in the same system. This information can be found in your system map and the factions you are wanted with will show on your right hand HUD under "reputation."

One last thing to note about stations. If you dock at a station or outpost, you are effectively setting a respawn point in the event you die. This is where bounties and factions can play a major role in your finances and brings me to my last point.

It's bound to happen to everyone sooner or later. You can make it much less expensive even with a large bounty on your head. If you die and have your respawn at a station who's faction has issued bounties or fines to you, YOU WILL HAVE TO PAY THEM. This ties into my last point above in the bounty section.

There is an alternative though, so fear not!

If you die and you have your respawn at a station who's faction hasn't issued bounties or fines on you (and you're still wanted) you will NOT have to pay off the price on your head. It all comes down to checking who any one station belongs to and whether that faction wants your head or not.

To sum things up.
You can be wanted by one or more faction at a time.
You only have to pay off your bounties/fines if you spawn at a station belonging to the issuing faction.
Due to lax security, outposts are much easier(safer) to dock at, regardless of controlling faction.
All information on your personal fines/bounties can be found on the right hand HUD.
All station/faction information is in the system map.

By doing things intelligently, it's entirely possible to survive (and thrive!) with a sizeable bounty on your head. You just have to follow some of the advice given and use your head.



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