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Hello All,


In recent years, there has been a lot of buzz around Net Neutrality. A while back we crushed SOPA which was threatening our freedom to use the internet and now we need to take action again. Large ISPs (Internet Service Providers) are attempting to create a two tiered internet; a fast lane for companies and people who will pay them large amounts of money and a slow lane where they will put everyone else who refuses to pay any extra. Make no mistake, we aren't currently in a slow lane with the promise of a fast lane. We are currently all in a fast lane with the threat of being thrown into a slow lane if we don't pay significantly more money. I implore you to please check out these links and consider taking action to protect the rights you enjoy.


Totalbiscuit's Video (4 min, short, informative video)



Battle for the Net (more information & taking action)



Free Press (more information & taking action)



While this is mainly centered on the USA, you can register your support regardless where you come from. Make no mistake, if we leave this unchecked in even one country (especially one where a huge amount of websites are hosted), other contries will follow this precedent. If things go wrong, your country's free use of the internet might be on the chopping block next.


Thank you for your time and have a good day.

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My Netflix account now has a pop up saying the above info and stays across the screen till x'ed out.




Yay! :thumbsup:

I originally saw it on Reddit. It's great to see so many big name sites pitching in with this.

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