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I will walk you through adding all the mods we use so you can add them to your offline games 

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Messed around a bit tonight with the SAMv2 parameters. It's a lot less terrifying when it comes in to dock with some easy tweaks. These are for a small block ship, large block will at least need the MAX_SPEED reduced to 395.


You can copy/paste this whole section (replace what is currently there) or just update the highlighted values.


private static float HORIZONT_CHECK_DISTANCE = 2000.0f;
private static float MAX_SPEED = 495.0f;
private static float APPROACH_DISTANCE = 100.0f;
private static float DOCK_DISTANCE = 20.0f;
private static float UNDOCK_DISTANCE = 20.0f;
private static float DOCKING_SPEED = 1.5f;
private static float APPROACH_SAFE_DISTANCE = 50.0f;
private static float TAXIING_SPEED = 10.0f;
private static float COLLISION_CORRECTION_ANGLE = (float)Math.PI / 7.5f;
private static string ADVERT_ID = "SAMv2";
private static string ADVERT_ID_VER = "SAMv2V";
// private static int ADVERT_VERSION = 2;
private static string STORAGE_VERSION = "deadbeef";

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