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Actually Adder and I have had a bit of an arms race, which I always lose. Whatever I come up with Adder anticipates and counters. I would have to build a death star to beat Adders Dreadnought, however a brace of smaller ships, like the Broadsword. do have a chance. Having said that Adder has probably already devised a counter for that too.


Still having problems with my guns hitting my own ship!!! 

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Adder has been working on an energy weapon mod. It is big and in some forms capable of orbital annihilation. Here is one we shoehorned into one of my destroyers (a broadsword replacement). This includes a lot of reactors in as compact a form as we could manage.


This is the ship we squeezed it into.


Its is a tight fit




This is the business end



In testing it proved very destructive, I'll let Adder discuss its potential.

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