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Is Grid 2 realistic

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would be nice to see some real vs grid2 comparison videos, pretty sure grid 2 cars are just too fast. iirc shift 2 was pretty close to real in comparison videos, but the times we get on grid 2 for the same tracks are soooo much faster.


pretty sure we get to 1:45ish?? in Tier 4s around spa in grid 2 (even lower spec getting towards 2 mins), fastest we did in shift 2 was 2:01 - http://www.legionofspartans.com/speedwall/swTrack.php?track=Circuit+de+Spa+francorchamps

lap record for real is 1:47 (Red Bull F1), i'm pretty sure we souldnt event be getting in the same ballpark as F1, never mind beating it.


this is a good example in shift 2 (spa again just for Zeno) compairing real from the 2010 FIA GT1 qualifying round at spa with our best times in same cars


2010 FIA GT1 vs game


Aston Martin DBRS9 2:17.865 vs 2:17.980 Zeno
Lamborghini Murcielago 2:18.380 vs 2:18.967 Panic

Sumo Power Nissan GT-R 2:19.745 vs 2:19.090 Custard



they both say their games are realistic but are completely different, i think Slightly Mad made the more accurate game.

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I just had a go, 8 individual time attack laps of Spa.


My best time was 2:11.792 in a works LP 640.


Excuses -


I havent played the game in a while

I lost my setups when my Origin account was hacked.


I really like the selection of tracks and cars in Shift 2, puts Grid 2 to shame.

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Is Grid 2 realistic? I get a little too passionate here so don't go all ape shit on me.


If we are looking at realism, it helps to have a comparator, and when it comes to realism there are a few to choose from but surely only one that uses realism as its main USP - Gran Turismo.


So comparing Grid 2 to GT6 I would say Grid 2 is more realistic , even though the GT6 team are known for being absolutely OCD anal about car physics.


1. There is no damage model in GT games worth talking about. Damage model in Grid is superb.

2. Engine sounds in GT games are shite, they all sound the same with a few exceptions. Grid sounds much more realistic, and don't start me on the stupid "bump" sample for every collision in GT.

3. Speed, GT6 lacks any kind of sensation of speed in comparison to Grid


I've never really noticed any car physics in Grid and thought they were over the top. I'm prepared to think that the resources put into car physics in GT means it might be very accurate, but really to the gamer, so long as there is not some crazy unrealistic shit going on every lap, who gives a monkeys?



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