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New Minecraft Server: Feed The Beast (Horizons 1.6.4) on Eldaria map

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LOSC Eldaria FTB (Horizons)


Map: http://minecraft.legionofsparta.net:2404/


Feed The Beast - Horizons pack

Horizons is the first of the Feed The Beast (http://feed-the-beast.com/) enabled packs using the 1.6 strain of Minecraft, which allows for horses, new terrain, etc. The horizons pack has a TON of new mods we have never played with before, bringing a refreshing experience. Difficulty is harder than before, with new mobs, longer nights, and better combat.


List of all mods within this pack:


Advanced Genetics;
Applied Energistics;
Arcane Scrolls;
Archimedes Ships;
Armor Status;
Ars Magica 2;
Alternate Terrain Generation;
Better Chests;
Better Storage;
Blood Magic;
Chicken Chunks;
Damage Indicators;
Dynamic Liquid Tanks;
Ender IO;
Engineers Toolbox;
Enhanced Toolbox;
Extra Tinkers Construct;
Ganys End, Nether and Surface;
Hopper Ducts Mod;
Inventory Tweaks;
Magical Crops;
Not Enough Items;
Pam's Harvestcraft;
Random Things;
Roguelike Dungeon Mod;
Thaumcraft 4;
Thermal Expansion;
Tinker's Construct;
Torch Levers;
Utility Mobs;
XACT:Advanced Crafting Tables



Eldaria v 3.1 map

We are also utilizing the Eldaria pre-made world, which is fantastic looking. Thanks to Swarrs for finding it. Eldaria V3.1 is a custom terrain map of 3400 blocks by 3100 blocks with a lot of diferent biomes

A few of them :

  • Skyrim inspired, Unique desert, God trees, and mountain biomes
  • River and waterfalls
  • Volcanoes
  • Rainforest
  • 256 blocks high mountains



Server Rules:

All Legion of Sparta ethics apply while in game and in Teamspeak. Of note:

  • Be polite and enjoy your stay.
  • Vulgarity, racism, prejudice, or griefing are not allowed.
  • Do not abuse your membership or you may be banned.
  • Feel free to build your own home. Be mindful of your fellow players lawn so as not to encroach upon them.
  • No stealing from your fellow player.
  • Do not trespass. Get permission from players to enter their home first

Sounds cool! How do I join?

  1. Download the Feed The Beast client. Either .exe or .jar
  2. Run the launcher, and from the "Modpacks" tab, select "Horizons (v1.09) Minecraft Version 1.6.4"
  3. Login to launcher w/ minecraft account, and allow time for it to download the pack.
  4. Once Minecraft launches, go to Multiplayer and connect to the server (hostname and port listed above).
  5. Connect and have fun. Join the rest of the gang in the Minecraft Teamspeak channel.

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Horizons updated to 1.0.13. Make sure to enable EnderNet and Archimedes mods before you attempt to join.


Update Notes: https://feedthebeast.atlassian.net/wiki/display/PML/Horizons+1.0.13


One cool thing is the addition of "Carpenters Blocks" in 1.0.12 just previously to this release. This allows for angled blocks, like triangles.


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Yes. You can't use the vanillia minecraft application to connect, you must use the Horizon's mod from within the Feed The Beast launcher. Best way to tell if server is up is to check out the web map.. it runs off the same server on another port.



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I've followed the above guide, no issues with that.


I notice when the launcher is running there are a lot of red warnings runing past in the dos window though.


Minecraft goes to Logging In, then nothing.


How can I check the two required mods above are activated?



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I think last time we ran into that was due to either lacking 64bit Java or not enough memory enabled. You can change memory in the Options. You can enable the mods before you log in and do 'edit Mod' to enable disable mods.

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