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  1. It's definitely rusty, to say the least. You can feel just how early the build is. That being said, with some AI tweaks, the server Killerbees and I run is much more tolerable now. Notably, we've reduced their engagement range a hair, at least until they allow us to control accuracy, and have actually given the bots footsteps and what not. We still don't have full control over the AI, but it does help make them lest insta-snipey than they were before. The devs are also testing new AI tweaks proposed by one of the community members on a few servers, though I haven't tried that yet. It's definitely better than Takedown, and shows WAY more potential, but I think it'll be a while before it gets there.
  2. It seems Gunthar is working on a mission file (Insurgency, I think) getting it set up with RHS enemies and ACE working and all that stuff. As soon it's ready, I'll get it uploaded to the server.
  3. It may be down again. I have another potential mission to use, but I'll need to test it out beforehand. It may need a few tweaks, too, though the author says it's easy to change the things I'm looking at. I'm also looking into ASR AI for the server, which, from facing bots on another server, works pretty well. First time I'e had a bot enter a building and try to clear it, plus they use grenades and medic each other. There's a host of other changes there that lead to much better, more prolonged firefights than your standard Arma AI provides. I should have some time to start looking into this tomorrow, I think. Just got moved into my new place, and I've got a bunch of people over right now.
  4. So we hit a sizable snag with the mission we were planning to use. It references a script not in the .pbo to generate the AO's, meaning we can't use it. We're back to looking for a new mission to use to stand the server up.
  5. I think so. I'd have to check on my end when I get home from work tonight.
  6. And I'm a dumbass, part 2. Luggage, there's a pair of files in the optional folder called ace_compat_rhs_usf3.pbo and ace_compat_rhs_afrf.pbo that need to be moved to the ACE addons folder when RHS is on the server. Like an idiot, I used the ones from my ancient ACE install. Derp. Map is here: https://mega.nz/#fm/1Q5kxLCC
  7. Luggage and Zeno, you guys are awesome! I'll dig up the copy of the map we've been playing on from my local file. Only problem is it has a bunch of stuff specific to the clan's server we've been on that need to be edited out. Also, I'll upload the latest RHS compatibility mods for ACE that I compiled from the ACE Github so people can get at it all. Those pbo's just get dropped in the ACE addons folder. A question for the guys who do scripts and stuff: Is it possible to whitelist only certain assets? Killer and I were talking about that over the weekend, and wondering if there's a way to only lock certain vehicles for our use, and leave a few for public use. I figure it will make our server a bit more popular than just whitelisting everything with wings and rotors. A few transport helos won't hurt anything, provided there's alway some on hand for us to use. Thanks again, guys! I'll get those files uploaded shortly.
  8. Luggage, I grabbed CBA and ACE from the Steam Workshop. Dunno if you can do that with the server, though. It's not my area of expertise. The RHS links are in the third post. Just grab all three mods from the tabs at the top of the page. I definitely don't have a server .cfg floating around, either. I'll have to look into that and CBA/ACE downloads when I return from my camping trip this Sunday. I'll let you know when I have the rest of the stuff! Thanks, Luggage!
  9. Just like the good old days, Cent! Just need a server. Since I have the mission file for the Altis map we've been testing on, we could probably use it as a base. It's like a cross between Dom and Insurgency. You've got 1-3 weapons caches to find per AO, plus a radio truck that calls in truckloads of guys every so often. Comes complete with a intel function based on securing dead bodies. There's a SecOb function in there somewhere, though I'm not sure if they added that using Zeus on the fly, or by some other means. It plays well, too. The listed mod pack above is solid, and fills needs without being excessive. I'm declaring it the final base mod pack. Edit: The RHS compatibility files included in ACE are severely outdated. I've compiled up-to-date .pbo's for the current ones off their GitHub. I'll upload them somewhere so you guys can get at them.
  10. Don't worry, you're tempting me with Naval Action, too. Too bad I just spent a pile of money on tires, else I'd consider buying it. As for ACE, it's amazing. The medical system is, despite its detail, much more tolerable than ACE Wounds in ACE2. Not only does it feel better, but I can carry enough supplies to take care of a few guys without feeling like I need to carry only a pistol for the sake of weight. My med bag is heavy right now, but I'm at the point where I still haven't figured out exactly how much I need to carry to complete an objective without running out. The only reason we took so long to do this was to let the mods mature a bit. The ACE team has had a year to hammer things out, and RHS has, by far, the best models I've seen. I just need to track down an ACE compatibility patch for the RHS weapons and everything will be perfect. For those who would like to join in, LOP is not on our current necessary mod list at the moment. It may be readded if we move to a different server. The current list is as follows: CBA for A3: On Steam ACE3: On Steam RHS: USAF, AFRF, GREF: www.rhsmods.com. Download the installers for all three mods and run the .bat file in each folder. Then the addons folders can be either merged into one or added to individual @ folders, and the launcher pointed to them. I also strongly recommend JSRS Dragonfyre as a sound mod. It's not as bass-heavy as JSRS for A2, but it definitely lends the punchy sounds that A3 needs. It also has a compatibility patch for RHS. JSRS Core: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=27827 JSRS for RHS: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=30267 If you run into problems or concerns, let me know. Also, I'd like to note that, unlike A2, I'm not super inclined to play "But this gun is cool" games. 7.5GB of stuff seems more than enough. Plenty of AK and M4 action for everyone. Edit: I'm a dumbass. ACE included the RHS compatibility stuff with ACE. It downloads as part of ACE proper.
  11. Jeff~SPARTA~

    ACE for A3

    Hey guys. Just an FYI for you all: Killerbees, myself, and a few other guys have been messing around with ACE3 for a few days, dropping into a random server and testing some things out. For the ACE guys out there, ACE3 plays remarkably well, and more importantly, isn't a monster of a download like ACE2. Plus, its on Steam Workshop, and therefore is always up-to-date. All the good old stuff is there. Weight's a pain in the butt, as expected. It strongly encourages teamwork, such as ammomen, to make life much, much easier. We haven't had much chance to sort out the medical system, though it looks both more in-depth (there's IV's, plasma and blood bags, and a bunch of different bandages now) and a bit easier to use (3D localized patching. Shot in the left arm? Doc has to bandage the left arm). If that's a pain, I'm pretty sure server hosts can disable the module and use the old system or a different one. Most servers are running the RHS faction packs, and some add Leight's Opfor pack. The RHS packs are not on Steam; they have to be downloaded via their own homebrew patcher. LOP is on Steam. Those packs cover all of the uniform, weapon, gear, and vehicle needs anyone could have, in a few nice, easy packages. If anyone wants to join us, the total download size is about 7.5GB for CBA, ACE and the unit packs. If anyone wants to join in, we're always looking for more guys to crash servers with us! Just give us a holler!
  12. ACE3 is coming soon! Looks pretty sweet, too. A lot of gameplay tweaks and additions and what not. Mod dev page is at www.ace3mod.com.
  13. Killer, I will make a personal point of hovering a helo over you at every chance, whether it's at base or elsewhere.
  14. To all you EVE guys...http://i.imgur.com/fLbp0.jpg

  15. Most planes would have fallen out of the sky after taking a hit like that. There's records of A-10's taking 4-round clips of 57mm to an engine, and coming home (said engine was still running, albeit weakly), as well as having various-sized holes run through their wings. Most of said planes were patched up, and either resumed combat ops, or flew back to the states under their own power. Don't forget the titatium "bathtub" that the pilot sits in, too. I want one. I really do. Had a chance to talk to a pair of A-10 pilots at the Miramar Air Show back in '09. If we hadn't have been on-duty, I would have bought them a beer. Funny thing was, they wanted to buy me one for being a grunt. Props to them.
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