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    The picture up there^^ is Turrets ex-wife,Miss Takistan '99.
  1. I got a code through https://playarena.totalwar.com/and its free2play so always nice to just check out, i played 2 battles and ....it was actually fun.
  2. spiele or spielen is game, games, playing...stuff like that, not "fun"....as far as i know.
  3. Its real, just the translation isnt lol dude deserved an oscar for that movie btw....amazing performance.
  4. WOT: new german td line op as fudge! lots of fun on the testserver >.>

    1. custard~SPARTA~


      The crying about it on the WG forums is soo funny

  5. War Thunder tank techtree's are out 0.o

    1. EL_n00biachi


      Freaking livestream tank gameplay looks awesome its on twitch so check it out!

    2. EL_n00biachi


      Theyre livestreaming right now!

    3. GySgt~SPARTA~
  6. Rome 2 no doubt, but im sure that game is beyond repair.
  7. Whaaaaaat?! Well whatever then! piece of shit game anyway...i wasnt looking forward to "playing" that lol
  8. The battles only count from today to launch.
  9. Get some free gold for WOT while playing the world of warplanes junk game......next month is its release and if you played 75 battles before launch you get 2.5k gold usable in both games...200 battles 5k gold.....350 battles 10000 gold! The event starts today until launchday 12 nov.
  10. Played on the testserver n guess what...."we will never sell the type 59 ever again" .......they're selling a Chinese premium that is EXACTLY the type 59 just a different name lmao
  11. Sounds like a memory leak that the patch introduced then.
  12. EL_n00biachi

    Arma 3

    The % of anglo saxons still able to read Dutch is probably about 0,0000241% Ebe lol
  13. The movements look very scripted, game looks really nice though!
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