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  1. This man is a genius when it comes to making prototypes and such but dude really really creeps me out.
  2. This is great news N00b! You have risen up a few rungs on my admiration ladder good sir.
  3. Excellent endorsement of this game title Mr. Rip Van Winkle. Where the hell have you been you bastage?!
  4. Those that are interested in playing with US on the ECWC's ARMA3 ALPHA server, can contact me via STEAM or email Adminstrator@ecwc-hq.net, Also below my signature is a direct link to my STEAM info so you add me as a friend and communicate that way. All ECWC assets including TS3 are private and require a password/key to access them which helps keep the bad elements away. Those that know me, know that our organization enjoys good tactical game play with organized comms and command structure which is why security is so tight. I have developed a Domination like mission that has over 11 AO's that are randomly selected and each has the familiar tower to be destroyed. The concept was originally one that MH6 created which I expanded on greatly. Look forward to see some of your mugs Thanks guys
  5. I am really impressed with the images from that game. Looks incredible.
  6. I have read a lot of postings on many forums that all basically deal with the same issues that repeat themselves it relates to the server and client dance. This post is not necessarily a guide or tutorial but more of a heads up. This heads up will be a stating of the obvious to some but may offer some insight to others that have not given it much thought. Those that perform an administrative role in the maintenance and tweaking of the digital infrastructure of a community during an Alpha or Beta period will attest; revisions should be taken in baby steps. What happens is that there are many interconnected and reliant associations between the game's engine and mods/add-ons. When any one of these variables is changed, there is a serious possibility the entire process will become unstable. You may be saying "Well I don't use Mods" and I would say that the missions that you play utilize function calls and instructions that if changed, will render these missions inoperable. I recently made a short response to a forum post were the original poster was making sure that administrators were aware that a server was in need of updating. The issue is that when the client receives or applies an update before the server, they are no longer in sync with the server and therefore are unable to join the asset. This is why most administrators adopt a brief evaluation period to be sure that all necessary interconnected and reliant associations (Mods, Missions Etc.) work well together. Because Alpha & Beta essentially mean "change", a person needs to take precautions to insure that working systems and sub-systems on their end are safely backed up just in case a recent change breaks something that was previously stable. This can be as simple as making sure the installed program is not running and making a copy of the installed folder to a safe location. I recommend that at least two revisions be backed up so you always have a couple of options to go back two. Once the evaluation period by the administrator is complete and all known issues are addressed, the green light is given to the community. This is the time that you should update your client. Because you are forced to use STEAM to play games like ARMA3, there are some features that are automatically default to perform actions that can break your installation. In STEAM there is an option that you can select that will stop your game installation from "UPDATING" automatically. This will allow for that waiting period that the administrators need to assess the changes that I spoke of earlier.. To disable automatic updates while in STEAM Library Right Click on the Game you want to stop Automatic Updates on Left click PROPERTIES Left Click UPDATE tab Under AUTOMATIC UPDATES, select DO NOT AUTOMATICALLY UPDATE THIS GAME Click OK Click CLOSE You are now safe from having your client updated before you are ready for it to be. Again people, to some all this is "Well Duh" but for some it is something that others think about and do and it is those people whom write the bulk of the posts that we read. During Alpha and Beta periods, it is as much an exercise in adaptation for the client as it is for the developers. Take ownership of your client side responsibilities so that the infrastructure elements can stay focused on correcting hiccups that the community reports. Enjoy!
  7. Hey Dai-San I was on my iPhone during a meeting yesterday afternoon and seen the post on ArmaHolic announcing the HOT FIX release and gave out a celebratory "YES!" and was addressed by the chair of the meeting "I am glad you approve Haj.." True story
  8. I miss you too Lighty and you will see around more I threaten, errrr I mean, promise you that
  9. Just another heads up. It looks like any mission is vulnerable to multiple grenades tosses crashing the new server. We have had our server dive several times and narrowed it down to grenades causing the crash. We did a quick search and found a post on BI confirming our findings. So your server will be stable if you don't toss two grenades in quick succession. http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?151666-Server-crash-on-0-52 Here is a link to the official Alpha HUB issues tracker http://feedback.arma3.com/view.php?id=4372 Enjoy boys!
  10. Not going to lie... I jumped at least 4 times trying to mash those passenger side brakes!
  11. Be advised that during ANY ALPHA or BETA program you should turn off automatic updates through STEAM as it will up date you before the servers are updated and stable. Typically game server updates are delayed to insure there are not any mission/MOD breaking changes made. As I have made in a previous post this morning, this patch did break a few things that will more than likely need to be addressed before custom missions can once again be utilized. As an extra measure always back up your ARMA3 folder so you have a way back in time.
  12. Hello all you missions designers and editors! Be advised the latest patch has made some changes to some vehicles and as a result rendered any custom missions that refer to a Galkin variant as an issue resulting in an error. I have done some leg work here and determined that the previous mission.sqm's will need to have the following addressed. A3_Soft_F_Galkin change to A3_Soft_F_Ifrit O_Galkin_MG_F change to O_Ifrit_MG_F O_Galkin_GMG_F change to O_Ifrit_GMG_F All ECWC missions have been revised accordingly. Thanks
  13. Hajimoto

    Arma 3

    Hello fellow Arma3 players! I thought I would swing by and share some infos with my Spartan buddies. Please be careful if you elect to participate in the "Developers Build" program in STEAM, it can cause server issues. We have had multiple instaces and mission instantly stopped because we all turned into birds when a player with the "Developers Build" joins the server. Unless all players including the server have the developers build, it will freak things out MAJOR. You may say "Hajimoto, how do I know if I have that BETA/Developers Build thing on??" I would say: Right click on Arma3 in your STEAM library Click properties Click on BETAS tab Be sure you have the "none - opt out of beta programs" selected and not the one called "development - Developers Build" . I hope this info saves you some heart burn!
  14. Hajimoto

    Arma 3

    Yeah I know what you mean Watchy.... "Chicken down!"
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