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    creating 3d cad drawings and trying to write javacode and failing miserably
  1. cheers lads feelin the lovage. 26 now think i better find a good woman and settle down haha. much appreciated.
  2. as someone who's studying IT Management and trying to compile a list of things you can do to get information moving fast this is a nice bit of info! anyone know if it would be beneficial to have a pagefile partition created on the furthest reach of the disc or even on a hdd all to itself?
  3. the long wait is over... everything is coming together nicely this march... the walking dead is back, game of thrones is coming back and arma 3 is out
  4. what a gobshite he should have more cop on
  5. here is the subtitled version these people live in caravans and dont work unless its off the books. they usually have a scrapyard nearby and sell car parts or tarmac your driveway very badly. they live a life with no shame. life expectantcy is 50 years due to the unsanitary conditions they live in no running water., they can come up with some mad phrases. i realise im generalising but thats the steryotype in a nutshell.
  6. this was recorded in a town called athlone somewhere in the countryside of ireland the couple are a pair of travellers (irish gypsies) the argument that ensues is hilarious obscene language dont play with the kids in the room
  7. i was ok until he climbed the part after the orange pipe i mean theres not much grab onto if you loose your balance. theres a famous picture of irish immigrants and native americans eating lunch on a beam during the great depression on the rockerfeller center http://blackravenposters.com/images/products/detail/GP1013.jpg this picture was recreated by a newer generation of irish immigrants in australia http://asset.ninemsn.com.au/img/000/000/214/126/0702_bhp1.jpg
  8. has anyone seen the 3d pen that extrudes heated plastic for a variaty of uses from modeling to plastic soldering/welding to creating holders/straps ect for wiring small rc components as someone who created 3d cad drawings but hasnt got a hope of ever affording a 3d printer this manual handheld application looks amazing. it took so many investors in its first day that i couldnt afford to pledge any money for its kickstarter project http://allthingsd.com/20130225/when-you-try-to-raise-30k-and-instead-get-1-8m-and-counting/ here is the thing's promo trailer http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r05gjLfDX2E anyone else think this thing has more uses than its marketed for? i personally think this thing can be as big as wd-40 or sliced bread but maybe im being niaeve.
  9. happy birthday to you for hes a jolly good fellow for hes a jolly good fellow and so say all of us (we do don't we) and so say all o us. id post some sehxy sthuff but im currently using the dog-&-bone.
  10. i watched it live i was drooling at the line up of games couldnt believe it when i saw blizzard had signed up with sony... although i quickly came to my senses when i heard them say this is next generation innovation we are leading the way and i remembered these are pc rig specs and pc's have been seeing that kind of performance for the last 5 years. i am intreguied with their 8gb unified memory. anyone know if that means it has 8gb ram that doubles out as 8gb vram? surely we have not come that far? anyone care to explain unified?
  11. [quote name='XJackerooX~SPARTA~ Server: US264 Dallas 1 Survivor: Jackeroo Location: Chernarus, Mt Skalka Days Survived: 208 208 days whoa man you must be off the grid eatin wild berries and honey from bees nests. longest i got was 2 and a half months and that was playing avoidance trying to be a shadow. i lived in the forests and nowhere near a clearing or powerline if i saw someone i stayed still and moved on. hats off to you
  12. they'll just keep the bail bond. think they dont really know what to do with them at this stage. the're just "put up two grand for your bail and we'll have a court date next month if you skip bail theres not much we can do, we'll keep the 2k though!"
  13. ya wouldn't want your car fallin in this pothole
  14. steam should be accomodating of this i mean it would be less accounts to manage in their databases if they allowed people to transfer their accidental account purchases to their main account it would clean up all the dormant accounts. as for the non transferable keys and all yeah you cant be passin your games along when youve finished them or steam will hardly make any money but say a person who uses the same email address the same paypal account same address in both accounts it should be allowed. let us know how ya get on.
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