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  1. Looks like Win _10 is not faster then win_7 (FOR N0W) So DX12 this better be good .. And two different Gpu's running i wanna see this .. will see if this is better then 20%imroved frames ill be happy all year
  2. SW33T this game is something else .. i need a guide for the settings ..?
  3. PISSED the main reason was they delayed the game 3 times already .... and SO the game is already 2 years old but still full price on it 60Euros this better be good .. i am finding it a hard time buying pre paid like 6 month a go but i wan too mayb il buy maybe il wait until the price goes down hmm its hard not to buy
  4. u can clearly see that bruce was far ahead of hid time but it was chuck who convinced bruce to use high kicks too (in chines kung fu old scool they did not kick above the waist) thx norris love ya bruce who feels it knows it ....
  5. have a great day you crazie Dutchman
  6. you guys are readers indeeed i read on and off if i find the time .. @ the moment i am reading 3 books : biography (the untold story ; Bob Marley ) and EYKIW ; Lloyd Pye The twelfth planet ; Sitchin zecharia greetz damn u guys are readers
  7. have a GREAT time see ya somewhere somehow
  8. this vid speaks for it self .. how did u do it Athlon haha and indeed for around 400_ Euro u can have this .. (MSI 990FXA-GD65 AMD FX-8320 Corsair 8 GB DDR3-1600 Quad-Kit )
  9. EBE

    GTA V

    hate u guys i wanted to try this too (on PC)
  10. its a mess indeed CFG file (profiles) multiSampleCount=4; (u can reduce to X2 or 0) multiSampleQuality=0; particlesQuality=0; GPU_MaxFramesAhead=1; (this really coud help) GPU_DetectedFramesAhead=1; HDRPrecision=8;(this is best setting ) vsync=0; AToC=0; cloudsQuality=0; pipQuality=0; dynamicLightsQuality=0; PPAA=1; ppSSAO=0; ppCaustics=0; tripleBuffering=0; ------------------- sceneComplexity=750000; (if u reduce this to let us say 100000 (or less) u will notice difference) see if this helps (and look into PARK CONTROL )
  11. he's back say only the right class can take AT thats a mess when u only have a couple off players in here not ?
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