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  1. Gunthar~SPARTA~

    Arma 3

    I thought you died
  2. I seem to remember us having this on the public server. Is it possible to get an updated version uploaded onto the server when someone gets a moment. Thanks.
  3. Men with real AFSC's wear ABU's everyday not some nancy boy flight suit pajamas.
  4. Server map has been updated to Lingor
  5. Server is back up and running and updated. Everything has been wiped due to the latest patch.
  6. DPMS is a good weapon but I much prefer my Windham Weapons AR. Bushmaster was bought out by Remington a few years back and all of the designers and gunsmiths that didn't want to remain after the merger left and formed Windham Weapons and just started making AR's again. So you get a Bushmaster quality weapon for under $900. I think total I spent 950 for my weapon, an extra mag, and a forward grip. Then I put an EOTECH holo on it since I get those sexy employee discounts.
  7. Nope still fubar, I still show a complete loss of trace well before i get to the TS server IP so something between me and it are screwing me up.
  8. Nope, it looks like the trace is breaking down at a node near the east coast after IP I get nothing but timeouts after that so it appears as if there is a break in the chain. And I really wanted to play Mechs tonight with peeps
  9. Ok so I boot up my computer today and try to connect to the sparta TS and I get a failed to connect to host error. I have changed nothing on my computer since last night so why in the hell am I now unable to connect to just that server?
  10. Server is now updated and running Nemalsk publicly with the time set at Central time. There are 65 vehicles in the world and it is set for veteran.
  11. Since Day Z is making its rounds again I have decided to put one up for the group. I have paid the first month myself and if you wish you can help out over the coming months if you want I can give you the info. The current map is on Zargabad and can be changed weekly if you guys want. It is private under the name Legion of Sparta Day Z with the password being tiger. I will give the password for Rcon to those I trust so someone will always be available.
  12. 3 brawler atlas's with a ton of AMS in their butthole seems to work quite well.
  13. Was on the snow map and topped a hill into mech's then saw the missiles come and boom dead.
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