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  1. Glad all are happy with game play, I really like it. Miss the many great Arma games I've enjoyed with the group. Take care.
  2. Looking forward to shooting with the Sparta group. Been playing hours and hours already. Here's some tanking thru town.
  3. Denny

    Arma 3

    Some of you Arma3 players might enjoy some of the many scenario's (missions) in the Steam workshop. They are put together very well. You can also set them up as multi-player missions to avoid the wankey AI, and let friends be the bullet magnets. This game is looking fantastic.
  4. Denny

    Arma 3

    Been exploring the Altis for an hour or so in my little hummingbird. Looking good. just go to editor place yourself, and go. Be shooting before ya know it. Cya's
  5. Hey all. Been playing the latest version nightly. With Stream Workshop, you can play countless missions made by people who enjoy Arma3. What's the status at Sparta for MP games? hope to shoot with some of "you all" real soon. Some great features to enjoy.
  6. Nice video, Thanks for sharing. Looks like many improvements.
  7. Thanks for sharing that video. I'm a big fan of Trainsim 2013.
  8. Looks very intresting. I look forward to it.
  9. Me too, if its permited. Thanks
  10. Just wondering. Is there a reason that no one has been playing Arma3 lately? Are new missions being worked on? Great progress was being shown a few weeks ago by some dedicated members, and it looked like many hours of Arma3 were coming up. The few battles I participated with Sparta were very enjoyable and involved excellent teamwork, an item that is hard to find on other servers. I hope the "spark" did'nt go out, and more shoot-em-ups are on the way.
  11. I for one, enjoy a serious game with mature players. They seem to be harder to find as of lately. I'm really likeing Arma3 and hope to participate in many upcoming sessions. I hope I can keep up with all the mods being added every day.
  12. Denny

    Arma 3

    Very well said. Its was a pleasure to shoot with some of the Sparta crew tonite. Hope to have many more games in the future. (didn't mean to reproduce the whole thread above).
  13. Denny

    Arma 3

    Thanks for that advice. I forsee lots of improvements in the near future. I just played 11 hours yesterday and last night. Might be a little burnt around the edges. Sorry for the attitude. hope to see you guys in muti-player. Later
  14. Denny

    Arma 3

    Great to hear people bitch and moan after 15 minutes of game play. Its still a work in progress. They can add or take away things that don't work before the final release. Bis wants players opinions. Give em your two cents on what you do or don't like. Okay?
  15. Watching the Crysis 3 video had my eyeballs spinning in my head like marbles. Looking forward to it when it comes out.
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