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  1. Hey guys! Just dropping in for a bit to say thanks for the birthday wishes! I'm sorry I couldn't say so sooner, or hang around much. I've had to take a break from gaming and forums in general to deal with home life. That said, everything's going great here! The wife is working full-time and I'm trying to keep in business while doing much of the raising of the kid, who's going to be 8 next week. Sheesh. And to think, I started here at Sparta when she was born and caught a lot of hell for playing games while I should've been changing diapers lol. Anyways, hope all is well with everyone else here! Hope to come around again soon. Dave, AKA Durka
  2. Mad about going to the US on 4th of July, or mad for going to San Francisco?
  3. I've always been a big fan of historical fiction. My all-time favorite series is the Camulod Cronicles by Jack Whyte. He's a Scotsman who had a good fantasy-less way of presenting the Arthurian tales that could also shed light on Roman Britain. The first book is The Skystone. It's his characters that have always interested me. I started reading them when I was about 16, and somehow the values of the main characters stayed with me till today. I highly, highly recommend the series. Another series I've been reading now is called Marius' Mules. The author is small-time and just wanted to find an interesting way to teach history. He doesn't really care much about money (sells his books pretty cheap) just wants to create a good story that is historically accurate. Lots of misspellings and such, and the first book is slightly slow, but it's easy to get engrossed and before I knew it, I was hooked, lol. If you like Bronze Age historical fiction, of which there isn't much, I found a good series about King David called Day of War. Pretty good. I met the author once, who has a military background, and wanted to tell the story of David from that kind of perspective. Pretty good. He's also trying to get a movie made based on the books.
  4. Thanks guys! After the night in a local Irish pub, I'm feeling every bit my age today.
  5. Yah I got it. Playing in the evenings when I can. Fell asleep last night playing it lol.
  6. How about a haiku? I sit in my tent waiting, waiting waiting On my turn to finish
  7. Wasn't there a huge industrial/mining complex somewhere around that area? Or am I thinking of Spain? Either way, what a beautiful place. I keep telling myself I'm going to retire and move to Latvia with the wife and live out our days in peace and tranquility, but it'll probably be taken over by the Russians by that time, lol.
  8. Things have been pretty good lately. A lot of my photography work has been from clients out of town, so I spend much of my time traveling between Nashville and Atlanta on little half-day and sometimes full-day trips. The wife finally got a job as a firefighter, so it's been an adjustment getting the kid to school and stuff. I'm expecting things to slow down sometime between Halloween and Thanksgiving, as they usually do. Hopefully I'll get to play some ArmaIII if the full thing comes out. How 'bout you? How's the kid?
  9. Only EA can get people to buy an "expansion pack" to put features in a game that existed in the franchise 10+ years ago.
  10. I'll be getting the game, and am up for some MP, but I only get very short bursts of game time between work schedules nowadays.
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