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  1. I recently fixed up a blue minivan as a wee project (scrounging for parts in the industrial areas) and have dumped it at the community base. What with the recent disapperances of various vehicle parts from the base and the fact that i'm sorted vehicle-wise with the Bathmobile (and to atone for the fact that I crashed an An-2 a couple days back ), i'm going to offer the blue minivan up for spare parts. I also fixed up the tow truck from the airport which is at the base too - this can be considered fair game for vehicle parts as well. If you come across a bathmobile parked in some woods however, keep your grubby hands off it lads!
  2. Just had a quick session on DayZ: Origins on the Spartan server and had a fun time collecting coke, pasta and zombie bite marks. Learned that orange zombies are bad and that running off small heights is even worse. Cheers to EBE and SuperJedi for helping me get back on my feet in DayZ, I should probably be back in the server at least a few times this week to build up a bigger collection of soft drinks and pasta-based foodstuffs. Edit: Here's a handier map of Taviana that I found - http://dayzdb.com/map/taviana#5.136.138
  3. I've read about a 32-pounder being fitted and fired on a mossie as well (using a very ornate and complicated recoil mechanism) but it's difficult to verify this across a decent range of sources. The 6-pounder was definitely fitted though!
  4. It seems like quite a cool game from the videos i've seen. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=svA9eO4Wtyw
  5. Looks like the Queen has finally found the sport of champions!
  6. Don't worry mate, I can't picture you as one of those tinfoil wearing chaps! I think you're definitely right in your position where you want to question events recorded years ago; we should always question and challenge what we are told and what we hear and see (and smell etc.). When it comes to the moon landings, there are people who question whether mankind could have accomplished such awesomeness during the 60s. If you look at technology back then however, you have some incredibly complicated systems being in service (Nuclear subs, satellites etc) and you have incredible advancements in the field of science (look at the progress of the laser and semiconductors for example). Couple these things with the fact that a lot of the theoretical work of getting things to the moon and back had been done in advance by some very intelligent people means that the possibilty of getting a human on the moon back then is not unreasonable. Another point to make (less rigorously though) is that the Soviets never denied the moon landings or claimed that it was a hoax. It's reasonably fair to reason that they must have had evidence of the moon landings which convinced them sufficiently.
  7. The clever Astronauts left behind some retroreflectors at their landing sites. Get a decent laser, Q-switch the bugger so you can use it for rangefinding and send a pulse train up to the moon. Record the signal that is reflected by the retroreflectors and you have just one bit of conclusive proof that Neil, Buzz and others took a few small steps on the moon.
  8. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-19381098 A pretty awesome bloke just passed away
  9. Was that the lass who ruined the Queen tune? She was getting some nasty flak from my girlfriend as we were watching it! I loved seeing Eric Idle performing and I thought Muse did a good job too but I really wished they had Iron Maiden and the Proclaimers playing!
  10. I think team GB have done themselves proud, i'm pretty surprised at how well they've done! Alson been impressed by the magnitude of the Guam Judo entrant; the guy is a behemoth! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pqtuM2-ijmc I'll only believe you if you post some pictorial evidence!
  11. I think DayZ is probably at it's most fun when you're starting out with nothing but a flashlight to your name to be honest mate! Regardless, there is always lot's of loot to be found all over the place and i've found that players on the spartan server (on TS) are always more than willing to trade or help you find decent kit.
  12. Just had a look at the damage you guys caused, pretty impressive! The bus is still there along with a couple of dead bodies, some have disappeared however. The bus was ambushed in almost the ideal spot, there was little cover for the other players to hide behind. You did quite the number on them! I've also found two tent locations today filled with some decent ammo. I'll let people know the details when i'm next on the server.
  13. You missed out the part where you and ajsarge leapt off the roof of the Polona factory I was about 1km away from the factory when the pair of lemmings jumped of the roof and I quickly made my way there, chancing upon an ATV parked near a tree about 200m away from the factory. There wasn't any decent loot in it so I thought i'd make my way over to EB3 and ajsarge and heal them up with the supplies I was carrying. We met up and then re-organized when we hear the ATV being driven off by a mysterious stranger (this might be the ATV that appears later on in the story). Deciding that the stranger was driving away and wasn't a threat we head east, crossing the exposed Polona-valley as quickly and as spread out as possible with the eventual aim to make it to Berezino. Myself and EB3 head into the town from the south, aiming for the hospital with ajsarge covering our backs. When me and EB3 reach the hospital EB3 shouts "Survivors heading towards us from the North with zombies on their tails!". EB3 sends a couple of rounds their way with his M16 and wounds one of them whilst i'm flanking round a few houses, my heart pounding. One of the surviors is carrying a FAL, the other a Kobra and are having a hard time with the zombies still. Ajsarge is watching our progress and moving in to flank with us. At this point we're about 15 metres away from the survivors when they start communicating over direct chat, sounding pretty despondent about their situation. I was closest to them trying to decide quickly what to do with them. It turned out that the two surviors were a male and female in-game and in real life, and I decided to do what i've never done which is to try and communicate with survivors that we've just engaged in a firefight. It turns out that they didn't shoot me on sight and so I offered medical assistance to one of them in the form of a blood transfusion. We're still a bit wary of them but decide to find out what they're up to and if they want to join up with me, EB3 and ajsarge which they agree to. I move out with the pair of them close to me; EB3 and ajsarge travel behind watching out for any funny business from the strangers. We gradually make our way from hospital to supermarket, supermarket to apartments, apartments to tents etc. all the way to the school in the North East of the city, sharing out loot etc. It turned out that the guy's name was Andrew and the woman's name was Stephanie and they seemed friendly enough for us to trust them. Our little group of five decides to head to the NE airfield from Berezino, replenishing our water at Willow Lake. I think at this point Karl has been up in the very NE corner of the map, keeping an eye on a few clusters of tents that he'd spotted the other night. My memory is a bit sketchy but I think he tells us over TS that he's spotted someone returning to the camp on an ATV (possibly the one we'd heard ealier) and he engages the guy, killing him. Anyway he meets up with us at Olsha hill, east of the NE airfield. Myself and Karl provide overwatch (really just Karl actually, i went afk to make a cup of tea) whilst EB3, ajsarge, Stephanie and Andrew check out the airfield proper. We then make our way to the camps in the NE that Karl found and we load up on medical supplies and get some more magazines for Andrew's FAL as well as a DMR for EB3. We head south again to the airfield to check it out again then meet up with Skaz (and possibly BloodWolf?) at Ostry hill to the west of the airfield. Now there's approximately 8 of us travelling in our group. We head to Pobeda dam and then onto Devil's Castle (meeting Ironspy on the way I think) where our group eventually disbands peacefully. All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed the night; teaming up with two strangers was an interesting new experience and trying to coummnicate via direct chat and TS was quite fun. It definitely adds another dimension to the game when you meet up with randoms but I probably wouldn't do it too often as you always hear of treachery afoot in the dayZ forums. Here's to ajsarge, EB3, Andrew, Stephanie, Karl, Skaz, Bloodwolf and Ironspy for an awesome game of dayZ!
  14. Legend of Grimrock is quite a nifty wee puzzle-dungeon crawler by an indy company. I'd highly recommend it for a rainy day. I won a copy of it in a competition on another forum for coming up with the following cartoon: Here's a decent round up of what it's all about: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-RabhvTwk0E
  15. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-18702455 Nice work done by the guys at CERN, we live in exciting times! Higgs was the lad who, along with five other lads, predicted the existence of the new particle. Here they are: From left to right: Kibble, Guralnik, Hagen, Englert, Brout And Higgs:
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