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  1. The geekery is strong with this one.... Good work as always!
  2. If it's not level-locked...Anything's better than the dinghy I'm currently floating around in.
  3. Imagine that.... I've been doing it wrong.... Thanks for the vid!
  4. I've noticed recently that my current storage has nearly reached it's max. Instead of cramming more drives into my one tower, I figure it's time to jump on the NAS bandwagon. But, I've not a clue what's good and what isn't. Teach me, guide me, lead me, oh wise ones. My budget is a bit low, however. A few hundred max.
  5. Of course, they are welcome to join us on our server. FTB Infinity 2.3.5, minecraft.legionofsparta.net:2402. They will need to disable NetherOres mod.
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