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  1. I found the server, the server search takes forever with this game.
  2. I am having problems finding server under LegionofSparta. I had the same issue finding my buddy server when searching by name, I only found it when I searched under friends when they were in my Steam list, kind of weird. I never had issues with tammed dinos disappearing, I know there is a cap on structures and dino tames. I think in next patch they are upping it. Thanks for help.
  3. Could someone PM me the server info and password? Also could I get some info on the server, like what is turned up and the server settings. How many people already have stuff built on the map and how long has the server been running? Thanks!
  4. Yeah Map writer, it comes bundled in Opis. If I add Opis I get the map if I remove Opis or Journey, I get no map.
  5. That's probably what it is. 1.0.2 has a lot of bugs in it, one I know is if you take out Journey's Map and put Opis in, a player wont be able to access it with key bindings. So it is left in the middle right of the screen instead of the top right. That's just one of the many bugs in 1.0.2 which is recommended version.
  6. My only other guess would be I am running different version then the server. All my mods fail to load, I am not using Recommended 1.0.2, I am using 1.0.3
  7. Is this the correct address for server: minecraft.legionofsparta.net:2400
  8. OK, that's the site I got mine on.
  9. I am not able to join, it says Incompatible FML modded server 137 mods present, most servers say at least 140. I don't know if this matters but I had to go back and use Java 7-72 64bit. A lot of players had to go to Java 7 because Java 8 has major problems with modded Minecraft, same with server. I guess the major problem game would load up but when starting a new game it would crash. I think this is where I got mine. http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/javase/downloads/jre7-downloads-1880261.html
  10. I wouldn't mind starting over, there is a lot of mod changes. Some of the other guys have bigger builds. Thanks for doing this.
  11. I'll assume Biomes O'plenty will be on? I have to read up on the changes of 1.7.10 are. I was playing on a public server yesterday checking things out, I believe vanilla added in more biomes, these ones didn't look like something in Biomes O'Plenty but more vanilla. They look almost a in-between the two, it makes vanilla and Biomes O'plenty blend into each other better.
  12. Raven_2012

    New DW20

    Hey Kal, Just wondering if your going to start up another DW20? The new 1.7.10 - 1.0.3. I put in the sparta address to the server something came up, just wondering if you were working on it or something. I've been in the mood for some Minecraft lately. Thanks!
  13. Do you guys have a dedicated server for this game? I have been following SE since it's first release and have been playing it for about a year, I didn't think to come and check to see if Sparta was engineering in space, lol. I would like to play, give me info.
  14. Cool, I will play in the server. I have been playing Arma 2 a lot lately, still the best Arma game. One of my Steam buddies might play too, his name is DontFreakOut_PL.
  15. Are you guys still doing this server or are you guys doing something different in Minecraft?
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