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  1. Actually the Premium is already active.. and perfectly working. Therefore whoever is a Founder is getting an extra 2 weeks of premium time. In fact I am trying to use that right now at the best.. and then.. we will see when i will push the botton And bytheway.. this open beta is really much like the "release"... with the difference they are still testing stuff and will provide adjustments.. which is something they will do anyway also when the world Beta will disappear (if ever..)
  2. Open Beta is effective. Tons of new players coming in. The Client is still at a sort of 70% efficency and many features are still missing, however Devs are doing a great job and are providing solutions for bugs of any kind (BETA). If you mind to give a shot to it, REMEMBER: Try to play together. With someone you know and you can work as a team. also if you are not going to be a full team (8), try to team up in 3 or 4 and the experience will be very good. Try to play alone and the frustration level will be at the Stars....
  3. Guess what.. My suggestion is MechWarrior ONLINE It is way better than WoT. It is still in closed BETA but if you buy the Founder pack for 30 bucks you get some perks for final game and you get immediate access to the BETA. It is definetely worth $30 It s a model free 2 play, therefore you get some perks with the Founder package but you will be able to play potentially for free. It is a tactical game that requires playing with a team. I am part of a dedicated team at the moment. You may come and play with us as a visitor or decide to join that team if you like. Just let me know. If you approach this game is mandatory you read the Forums for game instructions or you can ask me anytime. A flaw at the moment is a lack of tutorial therefore understanding what to do if you are not a Mechwarrior Vet is gonna be a bit complicated - but if you play ARMA this game cannot be complicated for you If you get into it let me know, i am definetely ready to help you and support you if you need EDIT: - I just saw you are in UK - we might have time issues, however DaiSan and Cent are in UK and are part of my MW team, so you can connect with them if you like
  4. Nial, thx for sharing that GooPhone thing !! I was laughing my ass off !!! .. that is great!! I mean, I am a declared hater of Apple products, however I am not cheering about this clear stealing action, BUT I have to say that this is freaking hilarious!! All that shit with Samsung and then here it is a PATENTED clone of their fucking crap... man.. there is no limit to what Chinese can do lolol..
  5. Lol.. Should you ask it? <3 !!!!!! Fanboy and addicted, totally biased opinion and also a bit racist.. if you don t like this game, i am not even sure i like you anymore as a person and i doubt you should have a right of vote to the next elections ... Is this answering your question?
  6. A nice video to better understand what Mechwarrior is about:
  7. lol.. go figure well, m glad Skaz likes the game, with his Atlas he is pretty good As I supposed he started enjoying the game when he started playing with a group. This is not a single person game
  8. Lol, I had a chance to speak with Skaz .. hehehahhe I quote him "This game is junk" .. lololol.. Oh well, once again wrong expectations went the wrong way. One major frustration for Skaz was the inability to understand what to do and how to do it. I have to give him credit for this. This BETA does not come with organized documentation or tutorial. The online Forum has all of the info you need to know, but the info is scattered on many different posts and is so freaking confused. I thought Devs opened the BETA option to ppl who was somewhat "mechwarrior veterans" therefore knowing exactly how the game plays and react upfront, because actually this game is not that much different from many other MW titles. Instead they opened the BETA to any Founder, ppl like Skaz, that has no idea about the game, has wrong expectations, they pay their money and then are frustrated because have no idea what to do.. therefore the game is JUNK. Actually this is pure Customer dissatisfaction and i agree with Skaz and his frustration. I think Devs are underestimating the backfire they can have from tons of ppl who simply will not like the game because did not understand it. This product is actually at 50% thrust. There are so many feature still missing that is not possible a full judgment just on what you get now. The ongoing judgment is based on what you get now in perspective of what you ll get later. Although i am a strong supporter of this, if they will fail to deliver what they call the "COMMUNITY WARFARE" which is the only reason why this game will really make sense and will be different from all of the others, this will be a failure. There is a good community around for this game, we will have enough fun and we will see when we ll get around October what they will be able to present to a larger slice of public. Sorry for your $120 Skaz...
  9. I guess there is some misundersrtandingabout this "Founder Mech" thing. "1 Mech" is a special thing, a "special" model a bit customized to show you are a Founder. Actually in my opinion is just crap. i don t see any utility to have that Mech. Is not "better" than all of the other 8 MECHS you get anyway. It s just different. A 30 bucks submission is more than enough at the state of things to enjoy a very enjoyable game. Beside Skaz crazy shit (buying the $120 and you are not even sure if you like it, you almost deserve you don t like it and they don t give you the money back!!! lol), this game will be an aenormous success when it will launch. That is because it will be FREE. However, compared with so much crap is around and the so called "Steam Sales" where you are incentivate to buy shit for an handful of dollars, spending 30 bucks for this one would be just right. Another note is that this game will be enjoyable ONLY if you play with a Team. ANY EXPERIENCE AS A SINGLE LONE WOLF WILL TRANSLATE IN ENOURMOUS FRUSTRATION because in all of the actual 8 vs 8 matches, casual gamers don t stand a chance vs Organized teams who move together and focus fire. You are advised.
  10. This game is getting stronger by the day. Last time i checked there were 4000 gamers online at once. A good stress test on servers. I hope it will continue in this direction, they are doing a very good job.
  11. I swear, if i get rich, i m gonna get one of these !! ..does it come in Blak?? oh yessss http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SgHSaNtAMjs
  12. I am all for team play I am in if is something we can play together and has NO Zombies :0 lol.. sorry.. I can t stand zombies
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